Thursday, October 30, 2014

EXpat Wife at SG!

Hello! Hello! Buhay pa ko! and I miss blogging badly :( sorry I just found time to blog. We finally settled to our new place. And this nice flat will be our home for the next coming months or years.....

We were super blessed because a friend recommended his friend's real estate agent to us. Miss Jane Baybay is heaven sent. She found us a 5 flats to choose from and we ended up with the 5th one! :) Thank you Lord talaga for the guidance of finding the right place for us. Our new home is quite far from Mr. Panda's office but we chose it for the following reasons:

- same train line lang. dulo't dulo nga lang but at least mataas ang chance nakaupo sya sa mrt
- the lrt is connected to the mrt line. 2 elevators lang.
- there's a covered pathway from the lrt to our building. every afternoon pa naman umuulan ditto halos.
- there's a 5 minute walking distance na community mall and hawkers :)

I'm trying to look at the positive side of things to fight loneliness. I miss my family :( but kaya ko 'to. This is for our future and I'm proud of Mr. Panda for getting this job :)

And I just want to share with you guys this view from our living room. There's a waterpark nearby ( you can see it sa leftside) and I hope we can go there soon! :) read some great reviews of the place.

Wish me luck with my new adventures and misadventures as the expat wife :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cath KIdston and Ikea Items for sale!

A couple of weeks ago, I was over the moon with my loot from Ikea and Cath Kidston. Unfortunately, i have to let go of them because we're moving and Mr. Panda suggested that I will buy  na lang in SG and iwan ko na lang daw dito sa Manila. Nag overluggage ako ng 38kilos from that trip!!!!!! But the husband have a point and I don't want to bring them there (when I can pack my mang tomas bottled sauces and ufc ketchup instead) i will buy my ikea and ck stuff na lang ulit....and sell my first loot.....

Paging my fellow Cath Kidston lovers like ahem Miss Leah :) please help me dispose them! :) i posted the prices at my IG account: pandahoarder

selling the clifton measuring set for P1,499

set of 4 classic mugs for P2,100

and other ikea items! :)

free shipping for mrs.panda readers and discounts! just ask me :) and i'm more than willing to negotiate with you :) Thanks! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moving to SG

Hi Dears!!!

I'm sorry I was MIA for a while. we are moving to Sg in a couple of days because the husband got a very nice offer.  And i will probably be busy for a couple of weeks. Kalokers lang, hindi ko pa nga napopost ang vacation namin dun. Aalis na naman kami. And ang dami ko pa drafts sa folder ko to post.

please pray for us and wish us luck :)


Sunday, October 5, 2014

SG & MY 2014: V Hotel Lavender

Mr. Panda and I had a very very fun trip a couple of weeks ago with our couple friends :) 5 days trip for Singapore and Malaysia(Legoland!) Ang saya talaga! sa sobrang saya gusto ko bumalik the following month --- meaning October. Save muna ulit! haha!