Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Who hearts Salpicao?

I'm overwhelmed with the messages of love from my dear readers! Thank you guys!  :)  even if I don't blog that often anymore, you guys are always in my heart. Speaking of heart, who hearts Salpicao?! 

We were supposed to go our last Friday for a mini celebration when we decided to stay home and have nice dinner instead, I wanted to surprise Mr. Panda but I was so sleepy the whole afternoon. I woke up at 6pm and dragged my feet to the kitchen. Unfortunately, we don't have that much stock in our fridge. Grocery shopping was due that weekend. We have chicken, pork and beef. But we already had steak the day before, so I took out the pork and chicken. And went to the pantry, the oyster sauce was staring back at me. lol! Ok, salpicao na ito. Haha.

Siopy Salpicao

1.Marinate together for 1 hour or so:

500 grams Pork or chicken ( I used 300 grams pork and 200 grams chicken thigh)

4 tablespoons oyster sauce

3 tablespoons soy sauce

2 tablespoons canola oil 

1/2 cup water

2 garlic cloves


3 cloves of galic for garnish and set aside

3. Saute
Marinated pork/chicken in 1 -2 tablespoon of canola oil until brown 

4. Serve

Add the toasted garlic for garnish :)

Please let me know if you enjoy our Siopy Salpicao! :) 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thankful and Blessed!

Almost 5 months! I'm so sorry dear readers! Last July, my parents were here for quick vacation and we went to Malaysia (I was meaning to post my review of the hotel we stayed in Johor Bahru but I lost the pictures..... Silly me). Then, our close family friend with her adorable half pinoy half swiss son, visited us here in SG and we went to USS and the national museum. I was tired from 2 weeks of non stop lakad and had really bad colds, took my high dosage colds medicine and still woke up feeling sick. I was supposed to drink another tablet, when I decided to have a pregnancy test. Yung medicine ko kasi is not ok for preggies. I was not really feeling positive about it kasi hndi naman ako delayed that time. And negative nga, 1 line. So I popped the tablet and went back to sleep.

After 3  hours, I woke up and throw something sa wastebin sa bathroom... when I saw the test with two pink lines! I sent a viber message to my doctor friends and asked if its accurate or baka evaporation line lang. Dr. Bride 2015 replied promptly to take another test the following morning. I messaged Mr. Panda to buy me a different brand of pregnancy tests and because he's used to the fact that I have my PT whenever I'm taking medicines, deadma lang siya. LOL!

The following morning, I took another test. And seconds pa lang, there was a smiley face!!!!! :) :) :) I called Mr.Panda who's sleeping soundly because it was a Saturday. I showed him the test, and we stared at each other for a few second with goofy smiles on our faces. After a celebratory hug, we went back to bed and dreamland. Took another test on Sunday morning and we still got the positive sign. 

After 3 years of waiting, God blessed us with our little sioplet. Everyday, we thank God for our blessing and we're doing our best to enjoy each day of our pregnancy. 20 more weeks until we meet our little sioplet! :) :) :) Please pray for us too :) 

And before I end this post, I would like to give a shout out for my dear readers for still loving my blog! I checked my blog yesterday and was happily surprised that my ranking is top 18!!! :) :) :) :) Thank you!!!!! 

Planning a little Christmas giveaway! Hopefully, I will get to do it as my lttle way of saying thank you to everyone! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Walking Pantry

Growing up in a family restaurant business, I've always thought I'll end up in the same industry. When I was in grade school, I had baking classes every Saturday! Yes, I know the very undomesticated Mrs. Panda was a young baker, shocking! LOL! But from old fashioned oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, banana pie, carrot cake, pandesal, baked macaroni, crinkles, food for the gods and the list goes on, I know how to bake them. The anticipation if the pandesal dough will "rise" was my favorite part! The tedious part of measuring the ingredients, the mixing of wet and dry, the swirling of ingredients in my mixer! Those were the days. There was even a time, relatives will expect me arriving in any family event with my famous 2 pyrex trays. Maybe they're wondering what happened to my baking life haha! From time to time, I still bake but right now I'm trying to start again my collection of baking utensils here in Singapore. :)

But if baking is making a slow comeback in my life, the food industry is making  a quick comeback. Nope, we're not building a restaurant! Not yet! haha! But, I'm supporting one of my closest friend in her new venture. My friend, Elery, is a whiz in the kitchen. I remember when we were in Highschool, we will do projects at their house and her mom will pop in her room and offer us some yummy homemade treats. Tita Ellie can create delicious treats from scratch. I guess Elery got it in her genes, plus the fact that her father's side were into catering business before also. She graduated with a degree in HRM and for a while, I honestly thought she'll be a famous bartender! LOL!  But of course, Life have other plans for her and now, she's a happy wife  and a mom to one of the most adorable girls in the universe. Proud Ninang alert. She was planning and dreaming to venture to food business for years already and yes, DREAMS do come true.  :) :) :)

Dear Readers and Blogosphere Sisters! We would like to offer you the ultimate foodie treat for your parties, seminars, office meals and wedding supplier meals!  :)

We currently have a promo for your wedding suppliers meals and we would love to be a part of your big day! Rest assured, we will take care of your suppliers and even your families' tummies!

Here's our choice of delicious treats :)

Our Homemade Gourmet Meals are prepared with healthy and fresh ingredients. The meals are also neatly packed with disposable cutlery.  
Delivery Fees:
Paranaque - Free
Alabang & Las Pinas - P200.00
Pasay City - P200.00
Makati City - P300.00
Manila Area (depends on the location) - P300.00  to P450.00
Eastwood City - P500.00
Ortigas City - P400.00
Taytay Rizal - P500.00
Quezon City (depends on the location) - P400.00 to P500.00
Tagaytay City - P1,000 (inclusive of the toll fees)

Terms of Payment:
Down payment to book the date: P1,000 (we prefer bank deposit)
Remaining Balance and Delivery Fee: To be settled upon delivery

Kindly message us if you have questions. 

Facebook: TheWalking Pantry
Email address: walkingpantry@gmail.com
**Elery: +63905-3588384**

Please support and show us some love! Please add our Facebook Page! :)

Friday, July 3, 2015

First Timer at GSS!!!!

How are you, guys?! I was busy for awhile because my close friend is here for a visit and we spent days together --- eating, window shopping, eating and shopping. Hihi! But before she arrived, I told her I ran out of my allowance because I got a bit excited when the GSS started! 

Now I know why everybody is excited for the Great Singapore Sale! 

Dears,this is not a "brag" post ha :) sharing lang of what you can buy during the GSS! 

Sephora have 30,,40 and 50% off! but what i bought were the ones naka 50% off :)

i love the push lipstick tubes!

not my typical shade, but the purple hue is so pretty!
shade: little pretty
around 25sgd

Not my typical shade too, I'm more on the nudes and reds but this pink is calling out on me!
Shade: Happy Ending
Price: around 25sgd

Sephora's Artist Blush
Shade: Coral
Price: around 9sgd

And my bargain loots!

From Typo: my friends and I are planning a business and i love to jot down my to-do lists :)
Price: 10sgd

From Typo: Magnetic Scrabble Tiles! For messages sa ref! hihi!
Price: 10 or 5 sgd

From Coach Takashimaya: wristlet for 50 sgd!

From Cotton On @ IMM: white l/sleeves

From Cotton On @ IMM: this shirt reminds me of my favorite zara shirts

From H&M: white sweater ( I bought the same one but in mustard color last year for 19sgd)
Price: 7sgd

From H&M: summer dress
Price: 7sgd

From a nice store in Holland Village: Pink Runched Sleeves
Price: 8sgd

From Cotton On @ IMM: sleepwear shorts!

From Mango: travel pouch for chargers
Price: less than 10sgd

From Mango: blue shorts with leather zipper pull
Price: 19sgd

 From G2000 @ IMM: blue sleeveless top ( can be worn for office or casual look)
Price: 19sgd

From H&M: white cotton shirt (Men's small, because I love soft white shirts!)

From Typo: Vintage Map Fabric
Price: 10 or 20sgd
I was supposed to hang it in our living room, but even our big white walls is kinda small for this "not so huge" fabric.

From Cotton On @ IMM: Gym Bra

From Cotton On @ IMM: Superman Shirt
Price: 3sgd

From Rubi @Westgate: blue sandals

From Cotton On @ IMM: Batgirl Shirt
Price: 3 or 5sgd

From Cotton On @ IMM: Hello Kitty Sweatshirt
Price: 10sgd

 From H&M: Baby Shirt for my inaanak

From Typo: Baggage Tags

From Typo: Travel Purse
Price: 10sgd

From Benetton @Takashimaya: Grey Sweater for the Hubby 

 Hope you enjoy my first batch of loot! :) Happy Weekend Everyone!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day!!!

My Papa brought me to school and fetch me everyday, he even drove me to work, salon, parties and basically everywhere. He will wake me up with different tactics even shaking my bed that I once slept thru an earthquake. But I wake up with a mug of milo at my bedside table. He goes to church twice a week and even memorize the Novena by heart, but he don't preach about it but instead practice kindness even to total strangers. He's always sensitive to other people's feelings and thinks about other's sake, his humility is real. Even my own friends love my parents to the bits and even my friends' kiddos!  My husband misses my parents more than I do at times. My Papa (and my mom) set the bar so high that Mr. Panda & I sometimes wonder if our future kids will love them more than us. LOL!

Happy Father's Day to dearest papa, tatay, dad! and even to single moms! :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

A quiet moment at Paris Baguette

 I often passed by Paris Baguette and buy their European style bakery products (munching while walking), but this is the only second time I really sat down and took time to check their baked goodies. This branch is at One Raffles Place at basement 1, conveniently located near the MRT. 

And this is my order :)
Cheese Sandwich - surprisingly with ham! :) for around 3.00sgd and lets-not-talk about how overpriced my drink is... lemon ade for 8.00sgd.

SGD Power: 4/5

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Review;
- Good ambiance, nice place to sit alone 
- FREE WIFI! lol!
- Happy with my cheese sandwich (with ham)! will order this again next time!
- Lemon ade is a very refreshing drink, perfect  for the heat in SG!
- Servers are nice, yay for customer service! :)

I think I stayed there for almost two hours, good thing the cafe is not too busy because their customers are doing take aways mostly. My seat is near the pathway to the mrt station but I'm amazd that the ambiance is still quiet. I was able to read my book, check my mail and jot down notes at my to-do list. Productive snack time for me!

Will I go back? YES! will look for a nearer branch though :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Big White Wall

Hiya! How are you Ladies? It's officially friday and I'm super excited for the long weekend! June 1 is Vesak Day here in Singapore. And I'm just happy that Mr. Panda will be here when I wake up on Monday. We didn't plan any out of town trips because he'll probably work at home but I'm just excited that for three days, I'll wake up next to him. And hopefully, we can do a thing or two from my to-do-list for our flat. Speaking of our flat,we're kinda torn if we will renew our contract... he moved to the head office and his commute time is around 1 hour and 45 minutes via train!  Sayang yung time na he should be home..... but we love our place right now and our landlords are heaven sent. We're worried that we might not get the same type of landlords.

I still want to proceed with my little projects for our flat and one of them is our blank wall at the living room. We have a big white wall where our TV is attached. The landlord only allowed a 42" TV and now we have big spaces sa wall. We're thinking of placing an artwork, frames or ledge..... Here are some of my inspirations :)

Images grabbed from google

What do you think guys? :)