Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Perfect Office

I was googling for office interiors because I'm thinking of fixing my office table, add an artwork, change my pen holders, place some new file folders.... when I saw these..

I felt a familiar ache...... this looks like my old office... my 2nd home for more than 2 years...
I know every inch of that office because i used to spend 80% of my time for 5 days a week (minsan pa nga 6 days a week) to be honest, i miss my old office sometimes. I miss the comfort it provided me. I have 2 cabinets full of supplies that my officemates used to teased me "ako daw si office warehouse" I have my own mini pantry 3 steps away from me with  a refrigerator (same size at our own house) stocked with bottled water, softdrinks and canned fruit juices. A microwave exclusive for my boss and me. A cabinet filled with swissmiss, oreos, chip ahoys, ritz and a complete set of hotel line. I love the placemats and napkins customized by a high end department store. I miss the confort of the "one call" one call lang andyan na si Mr.Engineer running to fix a loosen screw for my chair or for the almost-invisible scratch at the wall of my former boss' office. One call lang and the head of security is running to bring a certain document na pwede naman staff lang nya ang magdala. One call lang, and a camry or a ford is already waiting for me at the lobby to bring me to my errands or meetings. One call lang and within 20 minutes there's a buffet spread ready for 20 pax that can rival a bizu set-up.

I know that one call is bec of my former boss position , but I never took advantage of that luxury and comfort. I was extra nice and kind because I know the minute they saw my number at their caller ID, kulang na lang maitapon nila ang phone nila sa nerbyos (yes,true story)

It may sound a perfect office for others, a very pampered executive assistant.

But a perfect office for me is when I can go home at 6pm and go to work the following morning without palpitations.

:) :) :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pork Adobo

I came from a family of good cooks, my maternal grandmother whom we called "Mama" can make a simple porkchop to an Aubergine steak rip off. Yes, she is that good. Her two elder daughters, my dearest aunties got her magic streak of cooking :) Yeah..except my mom haha. (sabi kasi ni mom, she don't need to cook before bec her sisters and mom are really good cooks naman) Mama used to live with us and my brother and i were happy recipients of her cooking. When she moved to the province, my papa will bring home food from the resto. Then my mom started cooking na din, and buhay pa naman kami ng kuya ko hahahahaha :) pero after 10 years, ok na cooking ni mom :)

When I was in gradeschool, my baking teacher will go to our house every saturday and we will bake cookies/cakes/pies/pizza/pasta. Papa supported my baking hobby and bought me the nicest mixers and pyrex goodies. Things got busy when I went to highschool, and my saturday baking is gone.
So, while I can save my life with baking. Cooking is an alien planet for me! I can cook a good chicken curry but Mr.Panda hates anything with curry. And since he works from home, and he loves to cook too! he is the resident cook (much to my happiness) :)   But I want my future kids to like my cooking too, ayoko yung pag ako ang magluluto tumtakbo sila sa phone to order food delivery haha :)

I researched for an easy recipe of my all time favorite Adobo and would like to share it with you guys!

1.Marinade 2 lbs of pork,1 cup of soy sauce and 2 tbsp of crushed garlic for 30mins - 1 hour

2. Cook for a couple of minutes with medium fire then add 1 cup of water, 5 pc dried bay leaves ad 1 tbsp whole pepper corn. Simmer for 40mins to 1 hour.
3. Put in the 4 tbsp vinergar and simmer for 12-15 mins.
4. Add salt to taste :)

Our home-cooked adobo :)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What game did you play during your wedding reception? :)

Its been 4 month since our wedding and it felt like a year na, ang dami na kasi nangyari for the past four months :) a friend texted me today asking for the couples game we did last december and I'm more than happy to share it with him again. Its our famous shoe game :) which made even our elderly guests laughing and giggling :)

"The Shoe Game"

Remove both of your shoes, then trade a shoe with your partner so that you’re holding one of each. The MC, ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relationship (i.e.. “Who will be doing most of the cooking?” "Who said 'I love you' first?"). After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question :)

Here are some of the questions that I still have at my wedding files :)

Who is going to control the checkbook?
Who controls the remote?
Who is the better cook?
Who is more romantic?
Who is more spontaneous?
Who has the better fashion sense?
Who does the packing for vacations?
Who is the messiest around the house?
Who spends the most time in front of the mirror?
Who takes the longest to get ready to go out?
Who steals the covers?
Who said I love you first?
Who is more likely to end up in jail?
Who will be the first to sleep on the couch?
Who is the better kisser?
Now that you’re married, who will be the first to say not tonight?
Who is the better cook?
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Who spends more money?
Who has gotten the most speeding tickets?
Who is the better driver?
Who was the cutest baby?
Who is most likely to have dessert for breakfast?
When you were dating, who made the first move?
Who is most likely to wear lingerie?
Who is older?
Who has more siblings?
When you first met, who made the first move?
Who is the better driver?
Who has been in more car accidents?
Who studied the hardest in school?
Who got better grades in school?
Who is smarter?
Who is more creative?
Who is better at keeping surprises?
Who will be doing the cooking?
Who is more adventurous?
Who is more likely to get injured?
Who is more likely to get sunburned?
Who is more likely to be running late?
Who is going to pay the bills?
Who will be in control of the remote?
Who will be most likely to wake up grumpy?
Who is more likely to get lost?
Who is more likely to ask for directions?
Who is messier?
Okay last and most important,
Who do you love most in the whole world?

Mr. Panda's college bestfriend and his girlfriend for 2 years won the game! they won the game over other our couple friends who are together/married for more than 10 years!!! :)

We can probably do this game again for get togethers :)

Happy Terrific Thursday Everyone! :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Supplier's Review: Sweet Services Party Food Carts

I was looking for entertainment booth for the Surprise Party of Mr.Panda, but I realized that we only have less than 5 kids and 50% of the guests are senior citizens. lol! I don't think they will enjoy shooting hoops or throwing water balloons hihi :)

Naisip ko na whenever i'm bored, i munched on something. (opo, eating is my hobby) so i add ice cream cart on the list of our desserts. I googled for suppliers and found one thru smart and girltalk :) one of the well-loved suppliers is SweetServices, i emailed them and Miss Odette (the lady owner) is very prompt in replying and very helpful pa! She even waived the additional charge for premium flavors and the delivery fee of the cart :) I choose FIC or Fruits in Ice Cream, bec this is one of our favorite ice creams! :) Mr.Panda's favorite is pistachio (which sadly, hindi siya nakatikim sa party bec naubos agad! haha)

- they are the most affordable FIC cart supplier. Php 3,000 for 100 pax!
- four flavors :) other suppliers provide 3 flavors only
- they were very early sa venue
- ang linis ng foodcart nila and they have a very compact freezer for the ice creams :)
- the attendant is very friendly :)
- transaction with the owner is very flawless :) wala pa sila downpayment terms :)
None :) :)
Sweet Services Party Food Carts

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wanted: New Home for the Pandas

The Panda couple are soon to be homeless pandas..... torn kami saan kami titira after our contract sa condo. :(    our lease contract will expire at the early fourth quarter of the year, we got our condo 2 months before our wedding kasi. The condo - living is our first experiment as a married couple. If ok ba tumira sa condo or not. Ganito kasi yun mga sisses, meron impending move to abroad for work si Mr.Panda and sympre bitbit nya ako (parang keychain lang haha) but that move is still under negotiation and we're not sure if it will be the end of the year or next year pa.

***if we move out of the condo by the end of the contract**
a. we have to look for another place to stay, and usually one year na naman ung cotract sayang naman yung other months na babayaran namin if bigla kami umalis
b. I don't want to rent a condo na naman, sayang yung binabayad namin. pag rent to own naman, i computed it. pero ang taas ng difference.
c. I'm toying with the  idea of renting an apartment or townhouse I saw some pics of Leah 's place and i love how cozy and shabby chic it looks! :) but then again, 1 yr contract na naman yun. and the wala naman malapit apartment or townhouse sa workplace ko.
d. I'm thinking of renting a house too parang kay MommyFleur , where i can display all the abubots i bought na hindi kasya sa condo namin ngayon! where Mr.Panda can have his own home office and I can have my walk in closet again! but then again.. same reasons ko sa letter C.... :(
e. Move back to my parents house, i'm sure may folks would love to have us home lalo na if tuloy nga pagalis namin more bonding time before we leave. But Mr.Panda is thinking baka maspoiled lang daw ako dun and lalo ako mahirapan mag adjust when we move abroad.

***if we don't move out of the condo***
a. talk to our agent to negotiate for us and extend a few more months
b. talk to the owner and negotiate if we can rent to own the condo with good terms and prices. BUT, as much as gustong gusto namin our current bldg and community, the 1 bedroom loft is ok for us sa "ngayon" if we buy it, hindi rin kami kakasya dun pag balik namin sa Pinas (given na we have kids na). we're actually looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom unit sa bldg namin ngayon for future investment.

Decisions, decisions :)

Advices please? :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photobooth Supplier Review: Purple Bunny Events

I just remembered na hindi ko pa na-blog ang birthday surprise for Mr.Panda last Sunday! it was a budget party but I'm happy to report that with my small budget I was able to get a FIC Ice Cream cart and Photobooth pa! :) :) :)

I would like to share with you guys our photobooth supplier :)


- I only paid P1,888 for 2 hours with 30min stoptime
- Flawless Transaction! from bank deposit, lay out revisions :)
- The technician is very nice and siya pa yung nagtatawag sa mga guests to have their picture taken.
- They arrived super early for the party 12:30 ang party 11am tapos na set up nila :)
- Free transpo fee :)
None :)
Here are their package details and contact numbers:
2 hours photobooth PHP 1888 ONLY instead of PHP 3500! With 30 minutes STOP TIME!(optional)
3 hours photobooth PHP 2888 ONLY instead of PHP 4500! With 30 minutes STOP TIME!(optional)
4 hours photobooth PHP 3888 ONLY instead of PHP 5500! With 30 minutes STOP TIME!(optional)

  • Unlimited 4x6 dashing pix
  • Use of Professional Canon DSLR Camera
  • Automated photobooth system
  • Canon printer and Canon photopaper for quality pix (Waterproof & will surely last Forever-all original inks and papers)
  • Members of Purple Bunny act and dress in a professional manner
  • Customized Graphic Design & Print Lay-out (4r).
  • With photowall (Purple Bunny Pix Tarp)
  • With Purple Glam Carpet
  • Use of germ-free fashionable and fabulous props (locally-made and imported ones)--sanitized
  • With continuous light and LED Monitor for live viewing
  • Gallery of pictures
  • Free Transportation Fee Within Selected Metro Manila Area only. (Quezon City, Marikina, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Caloocan, and Makati)
  • Additional Transportation rates may apply from other areas.
Customized Photowall/Tarpaulin (5X6 FT) PHP 550
Extension of Photobooth Services per 1 hour PHP 1000
Double prints per hour PHP 800
Unlimited photo frame standees per hour PHP 100 (ON SALE INSTEAD OF PHP 200)
  • Call us for availablity of reserve date. First-come, first-serve basis.
  • 50% Downpayment upon reservation, 50% before the event.
  • Change of booking date must be 1 week before the scheduled date.
  • Atleast 2x3 meters space for photobooth set-up.
GLOBE 0906 - 4657556
SMART 0999 - 3492772


Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Staycation at Crimsons :)

I miss blogging!!! :) the dino theme surprise party for Mr. Panda was yesterday and 2 weeks ako mega-cramming for the party preps. Mahirap tumakas bec we're living in the same roof and wala naman ako mapagtaguan din ng props ko sa aming humble home. :) :) will blog about the party soon.
I'm a big fan of Acacia Hotel in Alabang, to the point na iba iba na yung nakuha ko ballpen freebie sa kanila. haha :) but when I saw the ongoing promo of crimson at dealgrocer, i bought a voucher for the holy week. :) It was located near Festival mall and Asian Hospital naligaw lang kami konti sa lobby nila kasi nasa 7th or 8th floor pala haha :)
I love their elevator,very classy ang chandelier :)
The spacious lobby

i love the ceiling of their lobby! :)


Ewan ko ba, pero parang maliit yung bed nila...

the shower stall is a bit cramped

Room service for Dinner: super limited choices pa sila. 3 choices for pasta..mine was the carbonara super bland :(
Easter Egg filled with chocolates! :) from Crimson

they have all kinds of breads and pastries for the breakfast buffet!

the wine bar :)

i love this seat! perfect sya for bridal shots while waiting for the elevator :)

their pool is still under construction :(

their poolside area is very nice,reminds me of the posh hotels at Bora

I still prefer Acacia over Crimson though...... the acacia's pillows are the best haha plus their toiletries are nicer. :) But for a newly opened hotel, crimson is 8/10 for me :)