Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wide awake at 1:17 am

I'm wide awake at 1:17 am, just got home from the Transformers movie. Hindi siya maganda, the story is dragging and meron characters na "huh!? ano ba talaga role niya?" pilit ang punchlines ni Mark and for the first time, hindi ako natuwa kay Stanley :( disappointed talaga ako :( ang tagal pa bago lumabas ng autobots :( ang tagal ko hinintay si Bumblebee. Parang hindi talaga worth ang binayad ko sa lazy boy. Anyari Transformers 4?!

I can feel my tired bones now, 2 weeks of our mini renovation and now I'm committed to my Kumon duties for our family baby. Thirdy is going to Kumon twice a week and stays with us half of the week na. Napapractice na kmi ni Mr. Panda sa pag-aalaga ng preschooler. Walang katapusan "why" "why" and "baaakkeeeettt??". God knows, nauubusan na kami ng sagot lalo na sa mga tanong nya hindi pa dapat sa age niya. Pero ok lang, I know sign 'to na smart siya :) and I'm so blessed Mr. Panda is very supportive and loving to Thirdy. The other night before we go to sleep, Thirdy and I were praying, his first request is "Bless (Mr. Panda)" then "Bless Thirdy" "Bless Ninang (me, inaanak ko talaga mommy niya e hindi siya haha) then all of our family members, then all his toys including the dinosaurs sa bathtub and dinosaurs sa bed haha! :) we cuddle to sleep and he will always pinch my cheeks, tuwang tuwa siya sa extra fats ko sa face. 

And my mom's birthday is fast approaching..... i want to do something different for her, iniisip ko nature theme party kasi lagi na lang "glam" ang theme sa mommies for 60--ish and above. We went to Cocohut last weekend to get some flyers and mukhang ok :) since wooden chairs and may "hut' counter sila. I'm thinking of a hawaiian theme :)

                        Photo 6 of 47: Luau Theme / Birthday "Aloha Summer" | Catch My Party

                       Photo 2 of 47: Luau Theme / Birthday "Aloha Summer" | Catch My Party

What do you guys think? :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Delayed Post: Easter 2014 Staycation

Sorry dears!!! sobrang delayed  na 'to na post. Just want to share with your our Easter 2014 bonding with the family. Di ba nung holy week may news about water interruption? syempre nag worry ako! ang init kaya! tapos may balita pa pati power interruption! kalokers! height ng summer heat nuon! so, i googled for hotel promos and I found one at Crimson Hotel. We had our Easter 2013 at Crimson already, medyo naliliitan ako sa rooms pero ok na din. We got two rooms at around Php 3,500 each.  As usual dahil may promo and holy week, 1 hour kami sa waiting to check-in and they only gave us one room muna, almost 5pm na kami nabigayn ng 2nd room. But they gave us late check out until 4pm. Ok na rin :) :)

medyo maliit ang beds compared sa single beds sa ibang hotel :)

the mini bar, but i found the cabinet adorable hihi :)

no bathtub unlike acacia hotel

i love this lamp! ewan ko, aliw na aliw lang ako hihi :)

Mrs. Panda Review

Peso  Power:4/5
- the promo rate is OK! :) but the breakfast buffet medyo fail. konti ng choices e.
- the bedroom is still in good condition compared to Acacia na gasgas na ang sheets and hindi na well maintained ang bathrooms

Will I go back? YES! if they have nice promos ulit :)

Since sarado pa most restaurants on Black Saturday, we went to CocoHut at  Commerce Center :) First time! :) but fans na kami ngayon! :)

Smoked Bangus P150.00 (as per zomato)

Poor Man's Fish (Deep Fried Galunggong) P165.00

Calamari P145.00

Macaroni Salad P49.00

we liked the "native" feel :)

Mrs. Panda Foodie Review

Peso Power 4/5

- the concept is new chicken and fish :)
- the chicken tasted like army navy, sister company ata sila :) 
- the servings are good for sharing din:) we get to try each other's orders
- the staff are very nice! and bilis kumilos kahit full house sila nung dumating kami
- the drinks are a bit expensive tho. :)
- walang sandalan ang seats. paano naman ang senior citizens or ang mga bata na parang senior citizens sumakit ang likod? :)

Will I go back? YES! namamahalan lang ako sa drinks hihi :) 50 pesos ang soda kasi. Mahal for a fastfood :)

Retail therapy while hardware hopping!

Finally! I'm done with our mini renovation! 8 days of eau de pintura ang scent ng house. If you have rhinitis, ang hirap! But I have no choice because I want to see the status everyday. If walang spots and bubbles, if ok ang brush strokes ng paint sa walls. Tiis tiis muna with my nose cover a.k.a good morning towel. One week din ako ng hardware hopping from home depot, wilcon, true value,ace hardware,handyman and DIY. But since nasa shopping areas, I passed by some of our favorite stores and bought a few pieces for me and Mr. Panda :)

From Old Navy for Mr. Panda

From Uniqlo for me and Mr. Panda (Yup, Star Wars geeks)

From Uniqlo, plain comfy shirts for me PHP 290.00 each!

From Ever New sale top! less than Php 500.00 lang :)

Share your great finds too! :)

Rediscovering the White Hat at ATC

Years ago, when the yogurt craze started here in Manila. I was one of the late bloomers who tasted the talked-about yogurt. But when I went to the White Hat branch in ATC, I was a convert! For months, I will always drop by to get my yogurt fix. Nagsawa din ako. I forget about my little love affair with yogurt. 

Last month, I passed by the same old branch again and I realized they changed their interiors! Very homey and girly :) Girly na ok lang. Hindi yung barbie-girly level.

they have yummy cakes too!


updated menu :)

and another one :)

sky blue and purple chairs!

love the balance with white chairs too!

cozy counters :)

i love the artificial flowers! ang lamig lang sa mata :)

Dainty ones!

and this one too!

of course, i got my yogurt fix! original with choco drops and kitkat! :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Project BC Part 3!!!

This is a super delayed post! sorry talaga sa delay, we are renovating our bedroom and baathroom at the South house and alam niyo naman ang stress pag may renovations! Stress sa gastos and carpenters! anyway, back to happy thoughts!  Last April (yes, april pa talaga) I passed by SM Makati and saw the sanrio infant stall is on sale. I got a few pairs on sale na 50-70% off. Most of these pairs are 150php and less. :)

On my way to the cashier, I saw this cute ginersnaps city t-shirt for P199.00

This St. Patrick Pair is less than P150.00 too!

And this Guess Shirt for P350.00

I was so happy with this loot! and I hope my recipient will love them too! the mommy of baby N loved the two loots when baby N is still a newborn. You may check my newborn shopping for baby N here and here.  Happy Baby Stuff Shopping Everyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Macau & Hongkong Part 3: Pasalubong!

Here's my 3rd installment for my HK/Macau series :)  Filipinos are known for pasalubong shopping! kahit magnet or keychain lang mabigay mo sa relatives or friends ok na yun. As long as you remember them while you're on your trip :) Our shopping loot might look like a lot... but its not :) as I posted below we only have PHP 10,000 budget per person for 3 days for food and transpo ( 4 meals, transpo in macau -- meaning cabs, transpo in HK --- roundtrip of cotai jet,one way mtr to Disney and taxi pabalik ng ferry terminal, and all the leftover went to shopping for pasalubong ****but we also add 200USD for shopping and charged around PHP 5,000 to credit card****)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Celebrating Father's Day 2014!

Father's Day is two weeks away, here are some ideas/where to go ideas for celebrating with the first man in our lives :)


Macau & Hongkong Part 2: Our Bella Stay at Venetian Hotel

For this family trip, we stayed at the Bella Suite of Venetian Hotel :) we got this suite because of it's "sulit" price, we're 7 in the group and this suite is perfect for us! there are two queen size beds and a very spacious living area :) Super good deal, because we booked earlier than 30 days. From, we got our 2nd night at the suite for around PHP 16,000 and then Venetian had their anniversary promo and we got our 1st night at the suite for HKD 1,904.63 only. 

The comfy queen size beds! :)