Monday, July 21, 2014

Mini living room makeover via New Pillowcases!

Landmark is a special place for me :) I used to spend my weekends here when I was a kid until highschool. We will go to Landmark for the supermarket and then Glorietta for Glicos! remember Glicos? the coolest place for kids nuon hihi :) To be honest before the major renovations started sa Landmark and Glorietta, I can make you a map of stores and supermarket aisles from year 1995 to 2000. :) :) :) My family switched to ATC na kasi mas malapit and less traffic pa. But everytime I go to Landmark nowadays, I will always drop by sa home section. Plus I usually stalk the blog of Mrs.Mommyholic and saw her post :) :) OMG! throw pillowcases from 49.75 to 79.75 depending on the sizes! :) :) :) very very far cry from the prices of throw pillowcases from dimensione, our home and rustans!

I got two themes - (1) green and blue and (2) gray and yellow. :) this is a very affordable way to give your living room a mini makeover! :) :) 

Thirdy and his Ben10 cupcakes!

A couple of weeks ago, our family boy saw a mini cupcake maker and he begged and pleaded to me to buy him one. Like he promised not to eat potato corner or watch  tom & jerry just for me to get him his "baking tool". I used to bake when I was a kid and I'm more than happy to support him. :) I immediately ordered online and even got two! Shopaholic for Kids have a sweet deal ongoing that you can buy a smart planet mini cupcake maker and a smart planet mini donut maker for P2,700 only! and free shipping pa :) :) 

Here's our darling boy in his robots pajamas and LOVE apron from the 88 store hihi :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Breakfast at Antonio's Tagaytay

A couple of months ago, we celebrated my dear hubby's birthday at Breakfast at Antonio's :) The Antonio's chain of resto is love :) from the ambiance to the food! super ok :) 

Beef Tapa (P390 +10% service charge) served with 2 eggs done anyway you want with Garlic Rice & Baked Beans

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Clawdaddy's at Nuvali!

Overdue Post: 

A couple of months ago, my dear Papa celebrated his 64th birthday :) Part of his birthday celebration was lunch at Nuvali :) we picked Clawdaddy's Great American Picnic :)

Grilled Oyster

Flood and Convenience stores

Hello Dears! How are you? Ang lamig na noh? :) ok na ang weather (compared nung april-may) sana mag-ok na din ang meralco bill namin hihi :) and sana walang malaking bagyo dumaan (Lord, please po talaga) maybe, you're wondering why I'm so concern sa mga bagyo, kasi lang naman ang bahay namin ay bahain. As in lumaki na ko sa scenario na pag JUne na inaalis na namin ang mga carpet namin. And we even renovated our bungalow house to a 2 storey house. Kasi pa grabe ng grabe ang baha sa subdivision namin. I hope the local government do something about our flood control talaga. Kaya nakakahighblood pag nababasa ko ang corruption about local gov't projects e.

Pag baha season na, we stock on food, water, medicines and batteries. And one of our bestfriend pag rainy season ay convenience stores. Pag may news na sa gabi na may malakas na bagyo papasok the following early morning, we double check our emergency stock and buy sa convenience stores kung ano pa kulang. I will make a separate post of our "flood kit" most of them are basic necessities lang talaga and some tweaks for the needs of each family member. Anyway, the other night we suddenly crave for green tea ice cream and we went to the nearest mini mart. And i was pleasantly surprise to see "panda theme snacks" and some unique snacks from Japan :) :) :) 

Syempre, I went home with Pocky choco-almond kasi yun ang may panda theme hihi :) and the green tea ice cream!