Monday, July 21, 2014

Mini living room makeover via New Pillowcases!

Landmark is a special place for me :) I used to spend my weekends here when I was a kid until highschool. We will go to Landmark for the supermarket and then Glorietta for Glicos! remember Glicos? the coolest place for kids nuon hihi :) To be honest before the major renovations started sa Landmark and Glorietta, I can make you a map of stores and supermarket aisles from year 1995 to 2000. :) :) :) My family switched to ATC na kasi mas malapit and less traffic pa. But everytime I go to Landmark nowadays, I will always drop by sa home section. Plus I usually stalk the blog of Mrs.Mommyholic and saw her post :) :) OMG! throw pillowcases from 49.75 to 79.75 depending on the sizes! :) :) :) very very far cry from the prices of throw pillowcases from dimensione, our home and rustans!

I got two themes - (1) green and blue and (2) gray and yellow. :) this is a very affordable way to give your living room a mini makeover! :) :) 


  1. So nice! I want it. Haha. I bloghopped to MrsMommyHolic's and saw her living room. Yay.. ganda!

  2. i miss landmark and glorietta! and greenbelt and sm makati too! when i was working there, everyday, from greenbelt to sm makati nilalakad ko so before makauwi, nakapagshopping na.hehehehe! 49 to 79? those are a steal sis! love the prints you chose :)