Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ghost of Betrayal

I don't want to post negativity on my blog as much as possible. This tiny spot of mine at the blogosphere is my little spot of sunshine too. When I reread my posts,  I want them to be filled with giggles and smiles.  But right now, I just want to write about this ghost that have been haunting us since late last year.

The Ghost of Betrayal. When a stranger betrayed you whether it's work or business related. You'll get mad and then you do something about it. And then you can move on.  But when it's a family member who betrayed you. Anger is only secondary emotion that you will experience. There will be denial - no, that person that you're really close to... will not do such thing. Then, you'll question yourself... did I did something wrong to that person for him/her to do this to me/us? And finally, the realization of betrayal. Then, the acceptance that the person you trusted most, loved and considered as your forever ally.... will betray you in the worst case scenario.

And when you start to plan to fix this. When you started looking into the legal battle. People will tell you but "they're your family".

I don't understand that statement. When those people betrayed you they didn't consider the fact that you're family. And now, you will protect yourself and straighten things out. You will hear those words "they're your family".

Exactly. They're your family. Flesh and Blood. Is being blood related a free pass to betray someone and to get away with it?

I choose my friends, but family... I obviously can't.

But I can choose who I can consider as my family. Blood related or not. And I believe God won't get mad at me from staying away from those kind of people. Life is too short to spend on hatred and anger. And staying away from people who betrayed us will make our lives more peaceful.

I'm blessed and I'm thankful for that.  So this ghost of betrayal, your days are over.  I won't let you harm my own family. And hopefully, my future kids.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 7: Beauty + Daiso!

Ok,this is my last post of my 7-days consecutive shopping loot. Just to make it clear, hindi po ako shopaholic ha. Nataon lang sunod sunod talaga yung days nasa mall ako...and i bought a few things. And as a blog hopper, I love to read post ng bargain finds and shopping loots. So here I am posting some of my favorite finds. 

I dropped by Sasa to buy my Biore make up removers, but wala silang stock and then I saw this nose blackheads remover which I used to hoard from HK watsons ages ago. Hihi!

then naharang ako ng "beauty consultant" from Mica Beauty, na sales talk ako ng husto but medyo nairita din ako paulit ulit siya "don't you want to look pretty? you look so old with your dull skin. your husband will leave you" AMP! close tayo miss?! personally, i think this is just an expensive version of cure gel.

and here's my daiso finds! i need black hair pins! especially, when i practice my make up skills 

Fry Tray --- hindi ko pa nagagamit....

I saw these easy recipes with these ingredients from daiso.

shabby chic cosmetic box!

and this well-rated make up brushes &  sponges cleanser :) na hindi ko alam bakit ayaw mag-post ng maayos ang picture na 'to.....

Slightly improved ang picture taking skills. As in super slight lang but Mr. Panda said it looks better daw. Lolz. My husband, my biggest fan.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 6: crowning glory + kate

I used to frequent this accessories store called Lovisa at Vivo Vity when I still waited for Mr. Panda the whole day. I don't buy anything back then because we're still moving to the flat and I convert everything I spent on!!!! Now,I stopped converting ok na haha :) Plus they're on sale for 2 for 15sgd :)

And then Kate Spade.... I recently have this thing for Kate Spade :)

I love this scented candle! the scent is ok for sensitive people like me! :) and i love the golden A

and my very roomy everyday bag :) ang  daming laman ng bag na 'to! nagugulat ang mga katabi ko sa mrt when i started getting stuff inside this bag haha --- umbrella, water bottle, book, magazine, pouch, shawl, jacket .... bottomless pit nga daw e! lolz!

How about you guys? what's  your everyday bag? :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 5 Mini Loot + Lorong congee!

Our talented friend Zammy, brought us to the best congee place in SG! it's located in lorong geylang, I have to admit I was kinda nervous going there. The place is somehow similar sa eatery sa binondo. Good thing, aircon siya becuase medo mainit ngayon dito. After a week, we were still craving for the congee! and Mr.Panda and I went there by ourselves lolz. In fairness, hindi kami naligaw :) I'll post the name of the resto and address when I remember it. :) Super sarap promise! I love love love Shangri La Palace dimsum and the lorong's dimsum is similar with the quality and taste! and the best part is the price! everything is less than 5sgd! unfortunately, I can't remember the names. I promise to take notes of our favorite orders :)

For now, picture overload!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 4 Mini Loot

Hi Guys! Kamusta ang long weekend? when I was still a corporate slave, I'm looking forward sa week na 'to as early as January haha! Here in Sg, they don't really observe the holy week...... kaya nung Thursday nanuod pa kami ng fast and the furious 7 because we lost track of dates! Maundy Thursday na pala! eeepss......

Remember my 7 consecutive days loots, here's day 4 :)

Forever21 white skirt.
I usually feel fat with white skirts! but this one hugs my pata-pata at the right places :) may slight na slimming effect :) and the best part, I got it for 10sgd lang!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dear God, Thank You :)

Dear God,

Thank you. For every morning that I woke up and every evening that I go to sleep. For every minute that you keep me and my loved ones safe and healthy. For every second, you listen to my cries and laughter. For the past 31 years of my life that you forgive me for my mistakes and you gave me hope and redemption.

Thank you for this blessed life, sometimes I pinch myself.... my husband is an answered prayer, thank you for sending him to me during the most unexpected moment of my life. Thank you for my parents and that I'm able to pamper them and hoping that I can pamper them at least half of the way they pampered me. Thank you for keeping me strong especially the past couple of months. Thank you for listening to me whenever I whisper to you to heal the pain. Thank you for my friends, without them knowing they were my strength and they saved me in their own ways. 

Thank you for your unconditional love. And I love you in my own way, probably in a silent way, but my faith is stronger each day. Dear God, please don't get tired listening to me. I know other people have bigger problems than me but please don't. I promise to minimize my whispering moments. 

This lenten season... I'm on digital detox.... I will try. And thank you again for sending another angel friend this lenten season. You sent an angel friend last NYE because you knew I was feeling down and homesick. 

Dear God, Please look after him. Precious little boy. Sometimes Almost every day Everyday, I hear his voice, his cries and laughter. I think of him every night, not as painful as before anymore. Please keep him safe, healthy and happy. My prayer since the day he was born. Thank you for giving us the chance to take care of him last year. Those memories.... they might be bittersweet but nevertheless... my husband and I will keep those moments safely tucked in our hearts. 

Dear God, I love you :)