Sunday, March 15, 2015

Monday Vibes!

And it's Monday again.... ang bilis ng araw when there are so many things happening around you and so many thoughts in your head. The last couple of months were kinda off.... roller coaster ride.... but I'm glad there were also good things that happened just recently. 

1. Expat Life - we're getting the hang of it already, this weekend we found some restaurants that can be our go-to for comfort food... bukod sa Ikea and Vivo. And nearby malls that got some of my favorite stores in one roof :) 

2. Depression - due to some so-called family members, we went through a major heartbreak. I still pray for healing and for God to take away the anger from my heart. I'm not sure when that will that happen, but my faith is stronger than the anger inside me. 

3. Life - this last couple of weeks, two of our family friends joined our creator. I was not able to pay my last respect to them but my thoughts and prayers are with their families... Life is too short to be filled with pain and anger, kailangan ko lang talaga labanan ang negativity and ang moments that those memories of people who betrayed us. I also received a sms from one of my closest friend this Sunday morning, her paternal grandmother passed away. This friend of mine went through a lot, she lost her dad at a very early age and her mom a couple of years ago. But she still maintained a happy disposition in her life and I always think of her when I'm going through something. She's my happiness inspiration. 

4. Domesticated Goddess - JOKE! malabo mangyari yun! baka multuhin ako ng Mama ko! (my maternal grandmother) Last week, Mr. Panda was super busy at work and naawa ako ng slight na siya pa ang mag cook ng dinner pag uwi. So, I cooked Pork Nilaga and Angus Steak for two consecutive dinners. YES, 2 dinner yun.... hindi ko din alam bakit ko ginawa yun talaga. Pwede naman ako magbukas ng Spam na lang at least sure pa kami na edible yun. Mr.Panda was super happy and shocked.... ako din naman shocked bakit ako nagluto haha! Anyway, hindi na ko magluluto muna baka masanay si Mr. Panda mahirap na! LOL!

5. Beauty 101 - last friday, we went out with a dear friend who is also photographer and athlete. I was stalking his facebook page -- Zamib Photography almost every day. Ang galing lang talaga kasi one-man show siya but when you see the pictures parang full production talaga. While chatting with him, my interest for make-up was piqued. My friend Zammy promised me he'll teach me his make up tricks i.e. lumiit ng konti ang cheeks ko -- contour. And then I asked my bestfriend J, who can give the famous beauty bloggeers a run for their money, for some make up 101 :) I'm already processing my orders at and :) still cheaper to buy online and pay additional shipping fee compared if I'll buy here. I'll blog about my online shopping experience after two weeks :) And while strolling inside isetan, i dropped by MAC and saw their ad for a  One-on -One Make Up lesson in 90mins - Step by step, feature by feature, a full makeup tutorial where you learn to master making up your own face. S$150 (Fully Redeemable by M∙A∙C Products). I signed up for this week and I can't wait for Tuesday Mac Day!

6. Friends - i'm blessed with good friends, that's why i don't believe that blood is thicker than water. i have friends who will board the plane to spend a couple of days with me and listen to me babble nonstop - yes babyanj, i'm talking about you :) i have friends who will take a bullet for me, friends who will tell me that i'm wrong and best friends who will always have faith in "us" :) 

7. 31 - yes, i just turned 31 last last week! :) Mr. Panda and I  celebrated my birthday at Salt Grill and Sky Bar, it's on 55th and 56th of Ion Orchard (my ears popped sa elevator) 

[google images]

I tried to take pictures but it was really dark inside the restaurant...maybe to make it look more romantic? the food is 4/5 for us but we can't wait to go back for brunch and enjoy the view!  

8. Catching Up with my bestfriends - I got two girl bestfriends and two boy bestfriends. My two girl bestfriends are based in US until last January, bessy J went back to Manila with my most gwapito Santilove and her funny hubby :) J and I kinda lost the contact for a while... but I'm glad we both realized before it's too late :) we're communicating almost everyday now :) 

This post is kinda long already and I'm really glad I was able to write this :) I miss you guys! and to all my blog sisses, i'm bloghopping now :) Happy Monday everyone!