Monday, February 18, 2013

Hearts Day Celebration at Acacia Hotel


One of my simple joys are staycations :) so when Mr.Panda ran out of ideas on what to give me this valentines, his no-fail plan to treat me out is a staycation to my favorite hotel. Acacia Hotel :) promise, ang sarap ng beds nila, pillows and duvet :) basta may kakaiba sa gamit nila, and they sell it pa :) :) there's a pricelist posted inside their closet, forgot to take a picture and Mr. Panda wont let me buy any! according to him, madami na kami pillows (we only have 5 pillows!) and hindi daw namin need ng duvet... (actually, need namin ng duvet wala lang kami space for storage pa....) when we move to our own house, maglalagay talaga ako ng cabinets for linens like what we have in the parentals house!

Breakfast! I'm not into breakfast bec I wake up late usually..but i heart hotel breakfast haha :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year Weekend 2013 ;)

Delayed Post:
We celebrated our first chinese new year as a married couple silently, no downtown trips, no dragon dance but a simple lunch with Mr. Panda's family and mine at mil's house. We prepared our offertory for the Gods and our departed loved one, and my family (much to my brother's delight) watched me for the first time do the offerings and lighted the "hiang" :)
But the day before the chinese new year, we went out for a few earrands at Sm Makati,we passed by at watsons (don't you just love watsons??? :) ang dami mo mabibili kahit di mo need haha)
buy 1 take 1 moisturizing hand wash :)

LifeHacks Part 3 :)

Hiya! how was your weekend? :) I was sick last weekend and stayed with the parentals for a few days . It felt good to be home, I miss my old room, my 2 beds,my walk in closet, my bathtub (things i used to take for granted... unitl I started living in a box haha)
Anyway, I want to share with you guys LifeHacks Part 3 :)  got addicted to these neat tricks and tips!(see my previous post part 1 and part 2, ginagawa na din pala namin siya before hindi ko lang alam LifeHacks pala 'to, for me tipid tricks lang 'to ni Papa haha)
1. Use your good old baskets for organizing bathroom stuff ;)
2. You can find these organizers at 88 Japan Home Center and Howards Storage:)

3. I do this trick with my puff tissues (very useful for peeps with forever

4. Mommies look!

5. Summer Trick! :)

6. Pencil/Pens Organizer for small cans and condiments :)

10. Travelling with the kiddos (set outfits with their accessories too!)

11. Muffin Pans :)
12. Medicine Trick :)

13. Another way to re-use your baskets :)

14. this trick is very useful for mommies too! :) stick some magnets to your kiddo's favorite cup

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

College Mall: Robinsons Place Manila

After checking out at Shangri La's Traders Hotel, Mr. Panda decided to take a mini memory lane drive, Vito Cruz now P. Ocampo upto Padre Faura.We went to Robinsons Place Manila and we were shocked na ang dami na nagbago sa rob place. When I was still in college, my bestfriend and i used to frequent Rob Place. Favorite namin dun ang fridays and cabalen. haha :) Rustans is still there pero Red Tag na name nya, halos sale items na lang binebenta nila. Meron dun yung mga clothes na binebenta pa nila nung 90's yata. The supermarket is relocated na din, iba na ang area nya.

Staycation: Traders Hotel

Raise your hand if you love uber comfy hotel beds, goose down pillows, down comforters and down duvets :) :)  if you love neatly stacked mini toiletries :) if you love breakfast buffet! diff kinds of cereals and fresh fruit juices!!! (i raised both hands!) then staycation can be your thing :)                 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Domesticated Weekend :)

Last weekend, we stayed at the 28 and we were able to finished most of our cleaning tasks, hooray for us! bumili na kami ng vacuum :) :) we used to borrow our parents vacuum and hassle siya na pabalik-balik yung vacuum. kawawa naman yung vacuum haha :)  But before kami mag cardio I mean maglinis ng condo haha, bonding muna over breakfast and my sunday cartoons.

Sunday Breakfast :)