Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday blues and mini haul

My son is probably the clingiest toddler on earth. He clings to his dad 24/7 and monday is the worst for him. Every monday morning, he cries and threw tantrums. We tried talking to him and explaining to him that Daddy needs to work. We also tried to make his monday the most exciting day of the week, new art activities, new books to read, unboxing of a stock toy (yes, I stock up on toys whenever there's a good sale!) and we usually picked up daddy at the office to shorten his waiting time. Any tips for separation anxiety? 😒

Speaking of good sale, sharing with you my mini haul from last week 😊

Got these three books from a booksale at Harboufront Centre, the first two costs 2 for $5.00. They are both hardcover paper books but it's ok because my son still loves dinosaurs. I'm starting to collect Christmas books and I'm happy to see this classic. The third book is a board book which costs $5.90. The books are in good condition but a bit dirty, good thing I have my trusty UV pocket sterilizer from UV Care to clean my son's new books properly.

Giant supermarket at IMM  have occasional book sales at their entrance near the cashier. We already scored a few good deals at their book sales. Last week, we chanced upon their sale again. 5 board books for $20.00. My son just discovered the teletubbies show at cbeebies and is currently one of his favorite shows. I'm collecting Mr. Men series also for him because those are my favorites too! Timmy time is another old favorite of my son from Disney Junior. Seeking a Santa to add to his Christmas book collection because it's ber season already and just like a true Pinoy! I'm singing Jose Mari Chan songs already in my head πŸ˜‚

I went to Spotlight last week to check for some bedsheets (they have 1000 tc at less than 50sgd per set!) and saw some art materials on sale for 50-70% off. We scored these goodies for a grand total of $5.00!

Mothercare Singapore have occasional in store sales even if it's not GSS or change of season sales. I love looking for the yellow tags! Like this set of Dino socks for $3.00 only! The london theme socks only have 15% off but my son loves double decker buses and british soldiers. I also bought the shoes (also on sale!) and i bought different sizes for extras.The denim dinosaurs have a twinnie pair at size 31 for Thirdy which I sent to Manila already.

Singapore can be really a pretty expensive country! That's why I'm always on the look out for sales and bargains! 😍

Monday, August 20, 2018

Our 10 dollar cake hack activity

A couple  of weeks ago, I saw a beautiful cake hack posted by one of our closest friends based in AU. I can't believe she didn't bake the cake! it looks so legit! πŸ˜„ The following day, we were at the supermarket and I saw these ready made cake icings. Jatrick grabbed a few thinking it's toothpaste πŸ˜ƒ I thought we can make a kiddie cake hack and it's a perfect Sunday afternoon activity for our little one. We don't have woollies or coles cake here, so I bought a house brand banana loaf, a couple of ready made cake icings and chocolate sprinkles.

I cut the banana loaf and shaped it to letter J (apologies for my cake hack skills!)
 and spread the blue icing with a spatula from daiso. Jatty picked the color blue icing. And with his old muchkin spoon, he "decorated" his cake with chocolate sprinkles.


He was very careful with the chocolate sprinkles and trying not to create a mess.  😊😊  I wanted to add a few toy topper on top for a proper picture op but my toddler decided to eat his creation while I was looking for small toys.

I asked him if he enjoyed our Sunday activity and he nodded and gave me a blue icing smile. πŸ˜…

Sunday, June 24, 2018

GSS 2018 haul :)

It's the time of the year again when all shopaholics and bargain lover cheer! The Great Singapore Sale have started already and I'm sharing with you some of my favorite finds!

La Senza have a Buy 1 Get 2 Free Promo. Good deal for a price of one item, I got three items! 😍 while Victoria's Secret have 50-60% off promo!

I hoarded diapers from Mothercare Singapore and some ELC items but my favorite are these three 😊

H&M is another favorite of mine for bargains! I love twinning outfits for my boys!

and as usual, i bought similar style of shorts again!

Thirdy usually needs long sleeves polo shirts for school so this one is perfect.

For my Dinolover!

and my 20sgd and below Zara finds! a turtleneck dress which is very travel friendly 

and this chic white shirt πŸ’‹

Share your GSS finds too!  😍

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Giveaway 2018!

I was pleasantly surprised that my blog have still active views.  😍😍 Thank you!!! His lordship (aka my son ) is in his terrible terrific stage and without a  permanent helper, things are quite hectic! But I'm not complaining,  I'm savoring  every moment of this cutesy stage when his chubby arms are encircled in my neck and he'll shout (yes, near my ears) when he wants something or just plain happy or the shark-saur ate the lady (jurassic park).

Before I get carried away and turns this blog post to his lordship's 😊 I will share with you guys how to win this giveaway contest! The prize is an annual subscription of wonder-full box from Mummyholics PH ❤


In partnership with BusyBoardSG, this is a project of a kiddie-preneur. Thirdy is very good with arts and crafts, he can make mean dinosaur origami and dragon claws which he sells to his classmates. He stays in Singapore for vacation where he sells his busyboard for 40sgd (when he's back in Manila, his mommy ninang takes over 😊) and in Manila for P999.00. His travel busyboards are lightweight and have no screws which is safe for check in too.

Label_PH is a brand of affordable luxury look for effortless chic ladies. Each piece is curated for classy but modern style. Label your look with their versatile selection that will transcend all fads. 

There will also be IKEA products from Pandahoarder ❤ Hint: some of their giveaways won't fit in the Wonder-full box 😍😍 All you have to do to win the prizes that are worth P5,000 is to:

(1) follow our IG page: and l❤ve our giveaway post.

                                           (2) Follow our partner sponsors in the loop:

(3) Tag at least three friends in the comments in the giveaway post at  and the more you tag, the more you have chances to win! 😊 One Tagged name per comment 😍


Looking forward to see your comments! Thank you dear readers! ❤

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Staycation at Fullerton Hotel Singapore

My parents and (our big baby) Thirdy visited us this summer, very timely also for my Papa's birthday and their wedding anniversary. We were planning to do a quick weekend getaway outside the island but my passport is expiring soon! Good thing, I checked our passports before I booked anything. So we went with our reliable celebration place, The Fullerton Hotel. We first stayed at Fullerton for our boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary last year and we were highly impressed! They were very accommodating and very child friendly! From a complete toiletry kit for Jatty to a free ice cream and art kit to keep him busy during our stay. We booked two postmaster rooms through their official website, after comparisons from and, booking directly came out cheaper.

                                                                        credits: google images

Upon our check in, I informed them that we're celebrating my parent's wedding anniversary and then, they also took note that my papa's birthday the following week too. Their room have a bottle of wine, chocolate cake and strawberries and there's balloons on the bed too. 

Our room check in was a bit delayed, good thing, my parents' room was provided at 2pm so we stayed there for awhile. Due to the delay, they provided a late check out at 2pm. Thirdy stayed with us and we were pleasantly surprised that his breakfast and extra bed are free of charge! 😊 Hotels usually charge extra for breakfast when kids are above 7. 

My favorite part of the room is the bathroom, the spacious bath tub and separate shower make a big difference for me and my bathroom hoarder husband. And the enclosed toilet and hi-tech features! 

credit: google image

The Fullerton Bears: Robby, Thirdy, Lizzy ❤❤

If you're staying in Fullerton Hotel, I highly recommend the complimentary heritage tour and don't forget to watch the video stories of the hotel and the people who used to work when it was still a government office and a waterboat house. You can watch on their TV or online -- The Fullerton Heritage :) I always watch it whenever we stay there,very heartwarming and nostalgic.

WillI go back? YES!!!! 

Friday, December 22, 2017

What's your family christmas tradition? :)

I can't believe it's 2 winks to go and it's Christmas! :) Growing up in Manila, we have the longest celebration of Christmas. You'll start hearing Christmas songs as early as September and there's this warm feeling that will make you start to count the days. Growing up in a small family, we don't have that much family tradition like other families. We go to the mass on Christmas Eve and have our Noche Buena -- and true to my maternal grandmother's Spanish roots, we have hot chocolate :) hot, frothy and creamy... it's a family recipe that we can't fully replicate since Mama (my maternal grandmother) passed away. I can almost see her in front of the stove, stirring and pouring slowly the milk in the pot. Bittersweet memories.

My childhood best friend and I used to lived next door to each other and we usually buy our gifts together and we exchange gifts after dinner of the 24th. She moved abroad 10 years ago and I miss her more on Christmas Eve. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I used to have dinner and a starbucks date on the 25th. Christmas also means our annual outreach day at St. Rita Orphanage. When Mr. Panda and I tied the knot, we decided to start our own mini Christmas tradition. We handpicked our Christmas dΓ©cor with love. We want each of them to have a meaning and tied with happy memories. Baby and Breakfast created a list of family Christmas traditions and ours is included. Please click this link for more family traditions! I hope you'll love them and probably encourage you start your own family tradition.

Ever since we expatriated, we have this formula for our belongings. Keep or Lose. Whenever we purchase something, we have this mental  note if we will keep it or not when we move to another country. And our Christmas tree ornaments are on the Keep list! Here's our 2017 Christmas tree, apologies for the imbalance of the decors. My toddler loves to "harvest" every day since we put up the tree.

I ordered this personalised ornament this year in Manila. I love that it's acrylic!

This Christmas ball is from Bullarum, handpainted and personalised with my son's name. I bought this last year because it's his first Christmas.

I purchased these two star wars ornaments because we're big fans and our family big baby is hooked to star wars right now! New recruit! lol!

I purchased Tsum Tsum Christmas Balls because it's my son's first birthday party theme :)

If you look closely at the picture of our tree, we have Starbucks ornaments :) this one is the DIY ornament just in time for our first wedding anniversary.

This little wooden sign was purchased last year at Tatty Marsh at Tanglin Mall, perfect for my chopsuey tree haha!

Santa mail box is purchased this year when I was in Manila, we started to introduce Santa to our little dumpling this year and we hope he'll enjoy Santa's little notes if he's naughty or nice :)
Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed holiday season! :) and May you start and enjoy your own family Christmas traditions!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Loved at Aruga Rockwell

I have more than a dozen draft for my blog but I decided to post this first, because this is too good not to share! :)

If you read my old posts, you'll see that I love staycations! We always have staycations at hotels preferably with 8/10 reviews or the ones that are highly recommended by friends. I read a lovely review at Ma'm Manila (a facebook group for expats based in Manila PH) and one of the factors that made me want to stay at Aruga - they have a dryer! We're planning to invest in a dryer and we want to test it first. Lol! We stayed there for a few days and we felt right at home. I love how they maximize the space and it still feels very spacious. There's a nicely not so hidden closet near the bathroom (which i failed to take a photo) and we stored there my things and the luggage too.

We got a 1 bedroom suite because Thirdy and I decided to "camp out" at the living room.

Here's my little dumpling inspecting the phone :)

Love the soft close closets!

Our big baby getting cozy at the couch

I love this kitchen! My mom and I can move freely when we prepare meals/do the laundry. This kitchen is complete! From coffee maker to rice cooker to serving platters! :) and they even washed and cleaned everything after we used them!

The buffet console is ready for your coffee and tea. They also provided UCC coffee and tea :)  The huge mirror at the wall made the space looks classy and spacious.

On our second night, we invited my mom's bestfriends who are also my wedding Ninong and Ninang. Rockwell Powerplant Mall is right across and there's an exclusive short cut in the basement parking. I bought some flowers for center piece and placed it in the pitcher, chic looking paper plates and cups from Celebrations Party Central , chicken teriyaki, salad and relleno bangus from Rustan's Marketplace and pan fried steak, calamares and rice from Chili's. Chili's also deliver at Aruga for a small fee. And I also bought my all time favorite caramel cake from Costa Brava,  We placed the food at the buffet console and it looked really nice and neat.

Rockwell have their famous Christmas decors up and you can actually feel the Christmas cheer once you stepped inside. Our big baby had fun having his picture taken with the set up.

Would I go back? YES! Jatty fell sick during our stay and the front desk helped us to look for a doctor nearby. The fridge stopped working at past 11pm and they immediately replaced it within 15 mins and even took care of removing and returning our food and drinks inside. We felt loved and well taken care of  at Aruga especially the housekeeping staff named Emman at 8th floor. There's sincerity when they smile and assist you. :)
T: +632 818 0000 | E: