Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 3 MAC + Cinderella

I think I mentioned before that my interest for make up is suddenly active for the past couple of weeks :) So active that I signed up for a MAC one on one workshop! :) The workshop is fun and the MAC artist assigned to me is very accommodating and she let me do my own thing too. She's not pushy and speaks English clearly. :)  I bought those limited editions because the artist said yun ang sulit for the price. MAC is kinda expensive in SG, I will purchase sa online stores next time.




And because I have full make up on that day, I need a good make up remover. I went to Sasa and bought a biore wipes make up remover. I googled for the recommended ones in SG and I love love the blog of roseannetan. I tried the biore wipes that night and no breakouts! yay for me! because I usually have a big pimple after trying a new face product.

After my MAC workshop, I went to Vivo and waited for Mr. Panda because we scheduled a movie date that night para hindi naman masayang ang make up ko. LOL! But seriously, we really have a movie date that week (tinapat ko lang talaga sa MAC day) first movie date in SG! eto na yata pinakamatagal ko hindi nag watch ng movie. We watched Cinderella and kahit hindi siya ang favorite Disney Princess ko ( I love Belle!) I really enjoyed the movie :) :) Can I just say ang ganda talaga ng gown niya sa ball.. the sway of the ball skirt is almost magical to me.  There's a display of Cinderella's glass shoes at the lobby and I was able to take a pretty nice shot meaning walang extra hand or cellphone snapping pictures sa shot ko. LOL! The popcorn is kinda bland to me, lalo ko tuloy na-miss ang Taters or the Rockwell popcorn or Muscle beach popcorn with liquid butter. Pag uwi ko talaga sa May, kahit hindi ako manunuod ng movie... kakain ako ng popcorn! Ang blogpost ito ay tungkol sa MAC day ko, hindi po tungkol pala sa popcorn. hihi!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 2 Mini Haul + Tampopo!

I forgot to buy this Sommar Rug I'm eyeing for our kitchen,so I went back the following day to buy it :) I bought the pink and yellow stripes because our kitchen is supposed to be the girly theme sa flat. This indoor/outdoor rug is plastic so it's very easy to clean especially it will be placed in the kitchen.

and I saw this nice pink lampshade for 15.00sgd only! at the AS-IS area :) usually the stuffs there are on sale because they were used in the showroom department already.

After Ikea, went to Vivo to meet the husband for dinner 

Bought this Kate Spade serving set....  :)

and this comfy shawl cover from Zara for movie dates :)

Ok, I'm really bad with names especially Japanese Food Names! please bear with me. Basta ang sure ako, sa Tampopo kami nag dinner lol!

 Ramen for the husband as usual!

and mine is Steak Deluxe Set

Yup, yan lang yung steak! but super yummy naman :) sana mas madami lang konti :)

But hubby loves my side dish! super fresh daw ang salmon :)

Tampopo is a 5/5 sa taste sana lang mas madami konti ang servings.. :) Will I go back? YES! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Seafood Sunday

Back in Manila, one of our comfort food restaurant is Fish & Co. They also have branches here in SG but it tasted different for me. Last Sunday, we went to Tampines Mall and we're very hungry! 4pm na still no lunch. So, we were looking for nice place to eat that have our usual comfort food. And we found Boston Seafood Shack! 

Homemade Boston Clam Chowder 7.50sgd

Crispy Soft Shell Crabs 12.50sgd

Aligue Goodness!!!

Boston Seafood Bucket 19.00sgd
calamari, prawn,oyster, fish & chips

Mrs. Panda Foodie Reviews
- love the crispy soft shell crab! you can eat everything :) nicely cooked! right seasonings :)
- the boston seafood bucket reminds me of fish and co. :) i really enjoyed the calamari and prawns while Mr. Panda said the oysters were ok
- soup is 5/5 according to Mr. Panda
- service is 3/5, we were the only customers that time but we have to wait for 5 minutes for a glass of water

SGD Power

Will I go back? YES! :)

After our super late lunch, we went around a bit before going to IKEA.... and I found these nice Aldo sandals for less than 25sgd :)

and dropped my favorite store! Cath Kidston and brought these two CK loves home with me. I'm really grateful that my hubby is supportive with my Cath Kidston collection.... :)  Don't worry, I don't have a lot...this is only my 7th mug.

For my cereals!

And then we went to Ikea to buy dining chairs for the flat. Our landlord is the best! they accommodated all of our requests and very easy to talk to :) 

Velvet Jewelry Organizer 15.00sgd

New Potholders! so cute!

more organizers :)

Drill Kit for our new DIY projects

and screws for our Ribba Ledge

for our new living room look

and acrylic dividers :) 15.00 sgd only

This is part 1 of my 7 days mini haul... Next week, I'll probably stay at home the whole week! Good idea to stay away from malls! :) Tomorrow is Monday, A blessed week to all of us! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Charlie Brown Cafe

Finally, DMCI Casa Real replied to me and for the first time I received a prompt  response. Dane , the new AE will give me an update on Monday if we're aligned sa details and somehow, it's good enough for me for now. Hopefully my stressful days are over, and speaking of stress... I'm very guilty of stress eating and stress eating for me is sugar intake! One of my favorite dessert places in SG is Charlie Brown Cafe in Orchard :) I particularly like this branch because of its location and the view which reminds me of our first home. 

If you're a Snoopy Fan, this should be on your list :)

Here's our favorites!

Snoopy  Lava Cake 8.80sgd

French Classic 7.80sgd

Charlie Cappuccino 

Mrs. Panda Foodie Reviews

- perfect place for Snoopy fans!
- nice place for simple date and brunch :)
- food is not too sweet
- service is fast and the servers are smiling!

Peso Power

Will I go back? YES! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CASA REAL: negative pre- event review

I found abut this beautiful events venue online and I knew it was the perfect place for the suprise 40th wedding anniversary dinner party for my parents. Casa Real is an old mansion relocated in Acacia Estates, Taguig. I fell in love with their Soleriega Hall too. We even braved the the storm to go to SMX to book this venue. The people in charge of their booth were a breeze to talk to and even gave us the best monthly terms!  I thought I made the right decision. But, I was wrong.

After a couple of months, I got a sms from them to provide new set of cheques. Because as per their finance department, they cannot deposit 3 out of the 7 cheque. Because of the legibility of handwriting, Mr. Panda wrote the details in the check in PRINT. And the same handwriting for the other 4 cheques. What pissed me off was it took them weeks before they figure it out and I informed them when I paid that we will move abroad and asked them if there's anything I need to do. And they said "NONE" and gave me my official receipts for payment. I went home last December and texted them numerous times how can we settle the problem because my husband is abroad and cannot issue new cheques. They did not reply. I have to bug them thru sms and email before they finally reply. And informed me that there's nothing I can do about it but issue the new cheques despite the fact I told them no, we will not send signed cheques from Singapore to Manila. After 3 months of their useless efforts, I told them to return all my advance payments and cheques and we will cancel the reservation. No, I will not pay any cancellation fees because it is not my fault. Aftere two days (ang bilis di ba!) Jane, their AE, replied that no need for me to cancel but they will just accept my offer of cash payments upon my arrival on May 3.

I thought my problem with them is finally over but then again I was wrong!!!!

Mid- February, week after we finally agreed with the cash payment, I emailed Jane if they will allow balloon release. She replied that she will check with the management.

Emailed again end of Feb. No answer


Last week, I send her a sms again. AND she replied that she's no longer connected with DMCI sincel last February and gave me a phone number to coordinate with.

SERIOUSLY!?? as an AE, it's her duty to inform all her clients for a proper turnover and she knew I was waiting for her response for the balloon release. this is probably one of my worst experience with booking events venues. DMCI is a huge company, how come their leasing office sucks?

I messaged the number she provided me last friday. No response.My brother in Manila kept calling their landline number too but no one is picking the phone.

Today, I message again the same number and finally someone answered and said she'll get back to my by 4pm because she need to check my files.

Let's wait and see....

Monday, March 16, 2015

ATC Summer Workshop 2015 for South Kiddos!

Hi Everyone! March na and it only means one thing for the mommies! More time with the kiddos! :) and more time with them means more time to do fun activities that will add more happy memories sa childhood nila. When I was younger, all my summer were jampacked with classes and summer workshops minsan kahit hindi summer, I still continue with my classes i.e. PIANO Lessons for years..... My favorite summer classes were Painting at Nayong Pilipino, ballet at PICC/CCP, swimming at Philippine Village Hotel and piano at Yamaha. Ang dami diba..... minsan sabay sabay pa yan, swimming sa morning, painting sa lunch and piano ng 6pm. I usually have weekends off, but I can say that I really enjoyed my summer classes :)

My favorite mall in Manila, Alabang Town Center or ATC just released their summer workshop :) I believe you need to shop worth P1,000 and you can enroll your kids! Hurry! limited slots only! :)

Interested participants may register at the Concierge for their chosen summer workshop (registration period listed-above) and slots per class are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2.       To register, interested participants must fill-up and submit the following duly accomplished forms:

a.       Registration Form
b.       Waiver Form
and submit the following documents:
a.       Proof of age: School ID / Birth Certificate
b.       One (1) 1x1 ID Picture
c.        Single/accumulated Alabang Town Center receipt worth P1, 000 from any ATC stores dated March 8, 2015-

3.       Once completed, interested participants shall submit all documents at the Concierge and will be given a color-coded class ID.

4.       During each workshop, students must comply to the following guidelines:
a.       Students must present his ID before class for verification. Only students with valid IDs shall be entertained.
b.       Class cards must be presented to the coaches after each session for signature of attendance
c.        All participants with three consecutive absent will not be a certificate of completion.
d.       All participants shall be in proper uniform and must provide their own materials for each class.

Happy Summer 2015! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Monday Vibes!

And it's Monday again.... ang bilis ng araw when there are so many things happening around you and so many thoughts in your head. The last couple of months were kinda off.... roller coaster ride.... but I'm glad there were also good things that happened just recently. 

1. Expat Life - we're getting the hang of it already, this weekend we found some restaurants that can be our go-to for comfort food... bukod sa Ikea and Vivo. And nearby malls that got some of my favorite stores in one roof :) 

2. Depression - due to some so-called family members, we went through a major heartbreak. I still pray for healing and for God to take away the anger from my heart. I'm not sure when that will that happen, but my faith is stronger than the anger inside me. 

3. Life - this last couple of weeks, two of our family friends joined our creator. I was not able to pay my last respect to them but my thoughts and prayers are with their families... Life is too short to be filled with pain and anger, kailangan ko lang talaga labanan ang negativity and ang moments that those memories of people who betrayed us. I also received a sms from one of my closest friend this Sunday morning, her paternal grandmother passed away. This friend of mine went through a lot, she lost her dad at a very early age and her mom a couple of years ago. But she still maintained a happy disposition in her life and I always think of her when I'm going through something. She's my happiness inspiration. 

4. Domesticated Goddess - JOKE! malabo mangyari yun! baka multuhin ako ng Mama ko! (my maternal grandmother) Last week, Mr. Panda was super busy at work and naawa ako ng slight na siya pa ang mag cook ng dinner pag uwi. So, I cooked Pork Nilaga and Angus Steak for two consecutive dinners. YES, 2 dinner yun.... hindi ko din alam bakit ko ginawa yun talaga. Pwede naman ako magbukas ng Spam na lang at least sure pa kami na edible yun. Mr.Panda was super happy and shocked.... ako din naman shocked bakit ako nagluto haha! Anyway, hindi na ko magluluto muna baka masanay si Mr. Panda mahirap na! LOL!

5. Beauty 101 - last friday, we went out with a dear friend who is also photographer and athlete. I was stalking his facebook page -- Zamib Photography almost every day. Ang galing lang talaga kasi one-man show siya but when you see the pictures parang full production talaga. While chatting with him, my interest for make-up was piqued. My friend Zammy promised me he'll teach me his make up tricks i.e. lumiit ng konti ang cheeks ko -- contour. And then I asked my bestfriend J, who can give the famous beauty bloggeers a run for their money, for some make up 101 :) I'm already processing my orders at drugstore.com and iHerb.com :) still cheaper to buy online and pay additional shipping fee compared if I'll buy here. I'll blog about my online shopping experience after two weeks :) And while strolling inside isetan, i dropped by MAC and saw their ad for a  One-on -One Make Up lesson in 90mins - Step by step, feature by feature, a full makeup tutorial where you learn to master making up your own face. S$150 (Fully Redeemable by M∙A∙C Products). I signed up for this week and I can't wait for Tuesday Mac Day!

6. Friends - i'm blessed with good friends, that's why i don't believe that blood is thicker than water. i have friends who will board the plane to spend a couple of days with me and listen to me babble nonstop - yes babyanj, i'm talking about you :) i have friends who will take a bullet for me, friends who will tell me that i'm wrong and best friends who will always have faith in "us" :) 

7. 31 - yes, i just turned 31 last last week! :) Mr. Panda and I  celebrated my birthday at Salt Grill and Sky Bar, it's on 55th and 56th of Ion Orchard (my ears popped sa elevator) 

[google images]

I tried to take pictures but it was really dark inside the restaurant...maybe to make it look more romantic? the food is 4/5 for us but we can't wait to go back for brunch and enjoy the view!  

8. Catching Up with my bestfriends - I got two girl bestfriends and two boy bestfriends. My two girl bestfriends are based in US until last January, bessy J went back to Manila with my most gwapito Santilove and her funny hubby :) J and I kinda lost the contact for a while... but I'm glad we both realized before it's too late :) we're communicating almost everyday now :) 

This post is kinda long already and I'm really glad I was able to write this :) I miss you guys! and to all my blog sisses, i'm bloghopping now :) Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Anniversary Dinner at Astons

This is a super late post! Our Anniversary Dinner last December :) this is our 2nd wedding anniversary and 1st celebration in Singapore. Mr. Panda picked Astons because he knows I love love love steak!

I like this Astons Branch (near sommerset) because they have buffet for pasta, side dishes and desserts.  And unlimited coffee and tea! :)

Picture overload :)

 How about you guys? Where's your favorite steak spot in SG and Manila?