Thursday, March 13, 2014

My 3-0 Day 1: Project Pie

Mr. Panda promised that I'll have a super busog birthday! and tama nga, he planned for 7 days dinner!

For Day 1, we went to Project Pie :) I've been itching to go there since I saw it months ago, the whole build - your - own toppings menu and we will build it infron of you are good ideas too :)

The cool interiors are perfect kinda New-Yorky looking.

Number 8: Half - Red and Half - White Pizza. Prosciutto,Garlic, Cilantro, Mozzarella, Feta, Rosemary and Tomato. Designed by Kat Cruz. P285.00 

This one - I picked the toppings :) All - Meat and Mozzarella :) P285.00

China Iced Tea and Stella Artois Local Beer

Peso Power:

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Views:
- the pizza are ok, nothing special :) but I love the idea that I can choose all the toppings that I like.
- i love love love the interiors
- their iced tea is 3/5 seriously ang konti lang ng ice cubes na nilagay ko pero super tabang
- medyo matagal ang service..... kasi yung ibang customers ang dami tanong hindi rin nagbabasa :)

Will I go back? Yes, hubby enjoyed it :)


  1. baka nde nila maintindihan yung menu.hehehe! one thing i look restos, esp if first time ko, yung menu dapat readable ang font, layman's language, and/or may description ng ingredients ;) hehehe! sarap ng pizza!

    1. I totally agree :) esp the descriptions of ingredients lalo na kung may allergies ka :)

  2. I wish they have a branch nearby--I love pizza! The All - Meat and Mozzarella sounds about perfect for carnivorous me. ;)

  3. it's on my list too!. nice to know this place is affordable..

    1. i think 2 light eaters can share their pizza :) :)

  4. Wow.. That is cool..Well, their pizza's are afofordable huh..!! Nice