Saturday, August 30, 2014

C2 Classic Cuisine

Whenever we go to our "unusual malls" (malls na minsan lang talaga puntahan like once a year) we also try to check stores and restos na dun lang meron or wala sa usual malls namin. Robinsons Place Ermita is not our usual mall but its my college mall! I used to go there during lunch breaks because literal na tatawid lang ako :) But Rob Place is so different now, I can hardly recognize it. Good thing, andun pa din ang Rustans outlet store which I really love.

We picked C2 Classic Cuisine because there are no nearby branches to our home. I love the warm modern interiors and the ceiling.

Sago’t Gulaman
Tapioca pearls and jelly cubes with brown syrup on crushed ice.

Kanto Food Plate! 
- this is probably the most expensive kanto food I tried lol :)

Crispy Patac2 classic certified
Golden, pork hock served with pickled relish and soy-vinegar sauce.

Peso Power:

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Reviews:
- how can you go wrong with crispy pata? this is really yummy! nut ang laki lang ng buto
- the kanto food is yummy too but i still prefer the sweet spicy sauce of the real kanto food sellers :)
- servers are atttentive and nice :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

May 2015 part 01

How are you?! Were you stuck in traffic too? Payday friday! I saw the news earlier nad super traffic kahit late night na :(  ano ba nangyayari sa traffic issues natin? Kalokers.

We had dinner at Chili's earlier, and pang 7 kami kahit 8pm na. Dati pag past 7:30 pm konti na lang ang waiting and marami ng halfway patapos sa dinner. Left ATC at 10:30pm and puno pa din ang parking. Thirdy fell asleep while on our way home and luckily tulog pa din siya! nagtuloy-tuloy ang sleep niya! Yehey! LOL :) I love Thirdy but sometimes he drives me crazy! Unlimited energy of a 4 years old boy.
Now, he is sleeping like an angel on his own bed (sofabed) at a corner of our room which he claims his "bedroom"  and I can continue with my research for the surprise 40th wedding anniversary of my parents :)

Vintage Typewriter Love | Engaged & Inspired

I was looking for inspirations for save the date cards when I saw this vintage typewriter invite at pinterest :) Pwede! my parents sent cards a lot to each other! even until now :)

The link doesn't take you anywhere, but I was thinking about doing something like this. Maybe in the extra yellow?

Thank you card on top of the table napkin :)

s'more buffet, unique wedding idea, wedding favors,

a s'mores bar is also a nice idea!

canopy lights :) for some reasons i like it! 

will work well with the cards theme idea! :)

Diy wine favors ideas from wine labels to lollipops and truffles to cork key chains

made with love favors :)

something for the wedding guests...

envelope wall? :) for the guests messages

geranium centerpiece

chic and laidback :)

personalized chalkboard poster

great idea for the welcome sign! :)

silver champagne stirrers

champagne bar :)

silver wedding shoots

adorbs!!!!! :)

Paper lanterns as light-up centerpieces--inexpensive idea. Beautiful!

lanterns as centerpieces :)

We're still not decided with the theme! i need a theme for the moodboard! i'm hoping to finish all the planning and booking this year :) wish me luck!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Boracay vacation on a rainy season part 3

For every trip to Bora, I always make sure I have one dinner buffet during the trip. I usually picked the day before our trip so if ever, disastrous ang dinner namin hindi masisira the rest of the trip. And I have enough time to rest the following day before our flight since our flights are usually the last trip or 2nd to the last. The Beach Cafe of Le Soleil Hotel is pretty popular at Station 2 Beachfront area and for less than 500 bucks per heads, we decided to give it a try.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to prepare a Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

My parents' wedding anniversary is their 40th next year and we're planning to surprise them with a dinner party :) I know most couples celebrate the 25th and 50th but I believe $0th is a big deal too! :)

Here are some of my pegs :) I'm extra careful in filtering them or else it will look like my own wedding 2 years ago.

red and silver wedding sexy wedding

brings out the light and silver with the flowers  Red roses and white tapered candle flower centrepiece

Black and red mixed arrangements in silver vase at Liberty House Restaurant wedding by Limelight Floral Design Hoboken NJ

White frills echo the ruffled petals of the red orchid that tops this wedding cake.

Dreamy pink, cream, and red centerpiece | Photo by Jerry Yoon Photography

Such a gorgeous wedding cake to compliment your wholesale diamond ring! #wedding #diamond #quality

#Winter Wedding Favors for a Red, Silver & White Wedding... Wedding ideas for brides, grooms, parents & planners ... … plus how to organise an entire wedding ♥ The Gold Wedding Planner iPhone App ♥

This candy table is sweet!, you could do you zebra print with the centerpiece in the middle - easy to do at hobby lobber.

What do you think? :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hello Weekend!

Saturday at 2:10am :) the little boy fell asleep on the way home from his kumon class and now he's wide awake! kalokers! I read 3 books to him and now he's watching pitch perfect and his eyes are droopy na.... nakakaantok pala ang pitch perfect hihi :) Weekends are Thirdy's time with his mommy and hubby and I will grab the chance to date muna haha :) I love love love taking care of Thirdy but Mr.Panda and I also need our date nights :) Sometimes, we make a quick date pag weekdays too. Buti na lang, there's a director's club cinema just a few minutes away from the house! :)

Welcome to SM BF Director's Club :)

I love the wooden interiors :)

Panahon ng Transformers hihi :D

the lights made me miss our first home :(

and the best part --- clean washrooms at Sm Cinemas :)

Happy Weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crazy about Bento!

Have you heard of bento boxes? Those cutesy packed meals that will make any irritable children to eat happily! I saw a facebook page selling bento boxes - "Oh Bento" by chance and I'm hooked! Well, not yet hooked on making but hooked on preparing for my bento adventure! I joined a Facebook Group called BentoPh and I started buying my stuff :) ang galing ng mga inbentors from BentoPh! :) for a newbie like me they're like a bentocyclopedia :) 

I read at one of the posts and some of the inbentors blogs that you can buy at japan home, daiso and saizen for your starter kit :) and since daiso lover ako! here's my starter loot :)

Silicon cupcake bases that will serve as containers :) From Japan Home/Uncle Ben's

Rice shapers! hello kitty! from Japan Home 


Silicone pot where you can place food with sauces that you need to separate from the rice :) from saizen P88.00

Food Picks from saizen P88.00

Panda Fork.spoon and chopstick from saizen P88.00

Cookie Cutter from saizen P88.00

Cookie Cutter from saizen P88.00

Puncher from saizen P88.00

Cookie Cutter/shaper from saizen P88.00

bread shaper? from saizen P88.00

Pretty paper oblong cups from saizen P88.00

2 layer Bento Lunchboxes with fork from Saizen P88.00

2 layer Bento Lunchboxes with fork from Saizen P88.00

Small containers from Saizen for P88.00

Cookie Cutter from Saizen for P88.00

Egg molder from Saizen P88.00

Teeny weent Sauce Bottle from Saizen for P88.00

I was able to bought from other stores too! :)

Cookie and Biscuit cutter from Gourdos for P120.00

Foodpicks from Koichi for P96.00

I hope my post will also help my fellow bento lovers too! :) :)  can't wait to start my bento adventure :)