Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Staycation at Acacia :(

A month before the Christmas Day, we made reservations for 2 Christmas Staycation Packages  at Acacia Hotel.We always have our staycations ( long holiday weekends, mom's birthday,  mother's day with 4 families!, our first valentines as a married couple) there for the past 2 years and we were always happy with their services. I actually "advertised' the hotel to our friends and some of them really stayed their because of our recommendations. But last Christmas, we were very disappointed with our stay :( :(

1. We arrived at Acacia at 1:30 pm and my brother fell in line to check in. Mr. Panda and I left to bring my niece and her son to Laguna. We were back by 2:30 pm and we are only given 1 room, the 2nd room is still getting cleaned-up. Ok, we waited at the my parents' room ( room 501).

2.  2:30 - 3:30 pm, my brother called twice to follow up for the second room. They informed us they are still cleaning it (how long should they clean the room? standard cleaning usually takes 30 minutes....)

3. 4:00 pm, by this time we are all pissed. Brother called again and they said our 2nd room - room 502, is being checked by the VA and ready for turnover. They are just waiting for the keycard. (Ha, e sa looby galing ang keycard dba. Iba ang keycard na hawak ng mga nasa housekeeping dept di ba?)

I went to the other room and found the door ajar, heard someone talking inside. With a couple of gentle knocks, I went inside and saw a personnel talking to the radio. "sir, ano problema ng room? kanina pa kami nag iintay?" i asked calmly. "mam, barado po yung bathtub, tinawag ko na po" he replied. GRRRRRRR. Akala ko ba for turnover na.

I went downstairs and approached the same lady who assisted us earlier 
"Miss, what happened to our room 502?" seriously pissed...
"Mam, its ready for turnover" all smiles
"Really?! , I just checked room 502 and barado the bathtub hindi pa nagagawa anong ready for turn over kanina pa kami dito nagiintay! You should inform us honestly naman. DO something get us another room!"

I know its Christmas but pagod na din ako and kaya nga ako nagcheck in sa hotel to relax.

The lobby ladies are still smiling but walang sagot. GRRRRRR

A hotel butler approached us and told us confidently "Mam, I got your room its.....(tingin sa screen) you're in 504"

YUN PALA.... Pwede gawan agad ng paraan ng mabilisan.

While getting our keycards, some guests started complaining in loud voices too na ilang oras na din sila waiting for their rooms.

Kaya lang, sablay pa din ang Acacia that day.... Una, Meron Welcome Mr. John ______ with a basket fo fruits sa room namin, hindi man lang nila natanggal the name....


there's a cigarette looking hole sa duvet

ants on the coffee tray, i wiped them off

after a couple of minutes, may tropa pala yung ants na inalis ko, meron ulit

we can't close the shower door, yun pala bumaba na yung shower door, sana naman they maintain their rooms and bathrooms :(

Sad talaga, because we really love this hotel and hindi naman excuse kung maraming tao. Peak Season expected yun dapat and they have promos pa that time. Honestly, mas maraming tao last Mother's Day, we stayed in line for almost 1 hour to check in pa lang. But mabilis naman the turn over of our rooms, 4 pa na rooms yun and ok lahat the rooms. And sana they gave us the real status of the room turnover, nakakainis kasi yung puro paasa yun pala hindi talaga available yung room. Hope Acacia Hotel will do something about it.

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