Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday blues and mini haul

My son is probably the clingiest toddler on earth. He clings to his dad 24/7 and monday is the worst for him. Every monday morning, he cries and threw tantrums. We tried talking to him and explaining to him that Daddy needs to work. We also tried to make his monday the most exciting day of the week, new art activities, new books to read, unboxing of a stock toy (yes, I stock up on toys whenever there's a good sale!) and we usually picked up daddy at the office to shorten his waiting time. Any tips for separation anxiety? 😢

Speaking of good sale, sharing with you my mini haul from last week 😊

Got these three books from a booksale at Harboufront Centre, the first two costs 2 for $5.00. They are both hardcover paper books but it's ok because my son still loves dinosaurs. I'm starting to collect Christmas books and I'm happy to see this classic. The third book is a board book which costs $5.90. The books are in good condition but a bit dirty, good thing I have my trusty UV pocket sterilizer from UV Care to clean my son's new books properly.

Giant supermarket at IMM  have occasional book sales at their entrance near the cashier. We already scored a few good deals at their book sales. Last week, we chanced upon their sale again. 5 board books for $20.00. My son just discovered the teletubbies show at cbeebies and is currently one of his favorite shows. I'm collecting Mr. Men series also for him because those are my favorites too! Timmy time is another old favorite of my son from Disney Junior. Seeking a Santa to add to his Christmas book collection because it's ber season already and just like a true Pinoy! I'm singing Jose Mari Chan songs already in my head 😂

I went to Spotlight last week to check for some bedsheets (they have 1000 tc at less than 50sgd per set!) and saw some art materials on sale for 50-70% off. We scored these goodies for a grand total of $5.00!

Mothercare Singapore have occasional in store sales even if it's not GSS or change of season sales. I love looking for the yellow tags! Like this set of Dino socks for $3.00 only! The london theme socks only have 15% off but my son loves double decker buses and british soldiers. I also bought the shoes (also on sale!) and i bought different sizes for extras.The denim dinosaurs have a twinnie pair at size 31 for Thirdy which I sent to Manila already.

Singapore can be really a pretty expensive country! That's why I'm always on the look out for sales and bargains! 😍

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