Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wide awake at 1:17 am

I'm wide awake at 1:17 am, just got home from the Transformers movie. Hindi siya maganda, the story is dragging and meron characters na "huh!? ano ba talaga role niya?" pilit ang punchlines ni Mark and for the first time, hindi ako natuwa kay Stanley :( disappointed talaga ako :( ang tagal pa bago lumabas ng autobots :( ang tagal ko hinintay si Bumblebee. Parang hindi talaga worth ang binayad ko sa lazy boy. Anyari Transformers 4?!

I can feel my tired bones now, 2 weeks of our mini renovation and now I'm committed to my Kumon duties for our family baby. Thirdy is going to Kumon twice a week and stays with us half of the week na. Napapractice na kmi ni Mr. Panda sa pag-aalaga ng preschooler. Walang katapusan "why" "why" and "baaakkeeeettt??". God knows, nauubusan na kami ng sagot lalo na sa mga tanong nya hindi pa dapat sa age niya. Pero ok lang, I know sign 'to na smart siya :) and I'm so blessed Mr. Panda is very supportive and loving to Thirdy. The other night before we go to sleep, Thirdy and I were praying, his first request is "Bless (Mr. Panda)" then "Bless Thirdy" "Bless Ninang (me, inaanak ko talaga mommy niya e hindi siya haha) then all of our family members, then all his toys including the dinosaurs sa bathtub and dinosaurs sa bed haha! :) we cuddle to sleep and he will always pinch my cheeks, tuwang tuwa siya sa extra fats ko sa face. 

And my mom's birthday is fast approaching..... i want to do something different for her, iniisip ko nature theme party kasi lagi na lang "glam" ang theme sa mommies for 60--ish and above. We went to Cocohut last weekend to get some flyers and mukhang ok :) since wooden chairs and may "hut' counter sila. I'm thinking of a hawaiian theme :)

                        Photo 6 of 47: Luau Theme / Birthday "Aloha Summer" | Catch My Party

                       Photo 2 of 47: Luau Theme / Birthday "Aloha Summer" | Catch My Party

What do you guys think? :)


  1. Heard bad reviews about the new Transformers movie as well, pero box office hit daw. May not watch it na lang after all!

    My Mom's 80th is coming up as well - kami naman walang masyadong theme except we will just fill the place with her favorite orchids. She loves them! For party favors, a friend of mine suggested a framed photo of my Mom to be given to immediate family, and then personalized boxes of tea for the guests. :)

  2. I wish to watch it pa naman sana. Hey I've added ur badge on my blog if its ok? Im new to this blogging thing.