Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthday Party Review: Thirdy's at Mcdonalds Pontevia

The family's baby boy turned 4 a couple of weeks ago! and we hurriedly prepared his birthday party... (family of crammers) We can't decide kasi if we'll celebrate with family only or birthday party talaga.
3 weeks before his birthday, we decided to book McDonalds. Atc Branch is no longer available, and the ideal location for us is Alabang area because our guests were from sucat, alabang and cavite. We went to McDonalds Pontevia (near Portofino @ Daanghari) and luckily someone overlooked to pay their down payment for the 3-4;30pm slot o the day that we're eyeing. The manager called them and they let go of their slot na talaga, and we quickly pay the down payment. We finalize the menu and opted not to get the meal packages. Nag DIY na lang kami, for kids 1 pc chicken with spaghetti, coke and chocolate sundae, for the adults 1 pc chicken with rice, burger mcdo, coke and chocolate sundae. Our guests count is 10 kids and 40 adults. We added 20 spaghetti kasi yung iba gusto ng spaghetti. Our bill is less than 10k kasama na yung P2,500 na party fee :) mas mahal pala sa jollibee mag party hihi :) The celebrant wanted Ben10 for his theme, but we made kulit to him na Ironman na lang and since gusto nya si The Incredible Hulk and we like Ironman. Avengers na ang theme!

The party hall can hold 80-100 guests, since konti lang kami ang laki ng space for games.

Sorry for the umbrella! it was raining cats and dogs that afternoon =\


The Cake and Sweets Table

- The Mcdonalds staff stopped us at first when we tried to use the center table for Mcdonalds giveaways lang daw yun, I told them we rather used it for the cake and sweet treats. Puamayag naman sila.
- We bought the cupcakes at Cielins, BF Homes Pque. Super yummy cupcakes and super affordable P18.00 - P20.00 each for chocolate flavor, red velvet and mocha flavor. We just placed store bought toppers.
- I bought gummies and oreos and placed it on blue metallic plates from Celebrations Party Central ( this is my happy place, I'm so addicted to this store kahit wala kami party I buy stuffs from there haha :) )
- Purchased big bag of chocolates and wonka pixsticks from s&r. Placed the chocolates on disposable margarita glasses from Celebrations Party Central too.

- We bought the chocolate cake from Cielins for P395.00, sprinkled some red and blue candy sugars, with Hulk and Ironman action figures --- we have our diy semi - avengers cake. Our cake candle is from Celebrations Party Central too!
The Table and Chairs Set- up 


 Avengers Prizes!
I was not able to go to divi for our prizes so I went to all the toy stores na pwede ko puntahan! Avengers is so popular pero ang konti lang ng party stuff nila.
Toys R Us:
- Ironman Lap Tray 149.00
- Thor and Captain America Backpacks 79.00
- Ironman kiddie bath towels 99.00
- Avenger water guns 3 in 1 pack 66.00
- Ironman Pillows 149.00
Toy Kingdom
- Avengers metal tumblers with box 100.00
Princestore (Facebook online store): smooth transaction :)
- Captain America, Hulk and Captain America Mask with lights - 80.00
- Avengers stuff toys 125.00

 Thirdy's Souvenirs!
Handicrafts atbp: smooth transaction
- kiddie stool for 180 each
- mini kiddie stool for 80 each
We also got Purple Bunny Photobooth again! as usual super smooth nila kausap :) their camera and lcd screen are inside a bunny shaped head. Super cute! I will get them again if we need a photobooth supplier.

Bumagyo that day and we even got stranded because flooded na sa subdivision namin but all our guests came and our little boy enjoyed his day! Priceless when we saw him smiling with his blinking Captain America mask!


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  2. Thank you very much for your kind words Sophia! :)

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  4. good day ask ko lang po sana kung magkano po binayaran nyo dto? salamat po..

    1. hi! we paid less than 10k at Mcdonalds :) i suggest mag diy kayo ng menu instead of picking the set meals from the party packages :)

  5. hi. where did you buy your mini kiddie stool (online or in-store)? and how much is your photobooth? thank you.. =)

    1. the kiddie and mini stools are from Handicrafts atbp :) they have a facebook page, i usually do my pick ups at moa area :) the kiddie stool is 185 and mini is 85 i think :) price goes lower pa pag marami ka order :)

      Purple Bunny Photobooth is P1888 for 2 hrs, this is super sulit! ang ganda ng prints :)

  6. Hi Mrs. Panda,

    I'm currently looking for a venue for my daughter's birthday and the closest we have is a McDonald's. Just a question though --- Can we bring in our own decor? My daughter, like almost everyone else's, wants to have a Frozen Party. We bought Frozen-themed paper plates, napkins, prizes in the US and was wondering if McDonald's allowed you to do the same for the Avengers.My daughter isn't into Winx and the others were pang-boys na.

    Thank you.

  7. hi! we talked to the person-in-charge for parties and informed them that yes, we're still getting the most basic party package but we will be bringing in our own stuff for the Avengers Theme :) I believe Mcdonald's is more flexible compared to other fast food chains. They allowed us naman and except for the cake and treats table na gusto nila sana yung giveaways from Mcdo ang nandun sa gitna sana, deadma naman sila sa pag set up namin :) before you pay for the down payment, inform them about your plans :)

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Panda! Will do just that. :)

  8. Hi Mrs. Panda, yung sa DIY na food po, pwede po kaya yun sa lahat ng branch? Pano nyo po pala sinabi sakanila na ganun nalang po ang preferred nyo instead of the food packages? We're planning to have my kid's birthday in mcdo next month. Thank you! :))

  9. Hi Mrs. Panda, yung sa DIY na food po, pwede po kaya yun sa lahat ng branch? Pano nyo po pala sinabi sakanila na ganun nalang po ang preferred nyo instead of the food packages? We're planning to have my kid's birthday in mcdo next month. Thank you! :))

    1. i'm not sure if pwede sa lahat ng branches but you may namedrop that i had our diy choices for food last sept 2013 at their pontevia branch :) that branch made sure lang i paid the party fee :) and reached the minimum amount of orders :)

  10. Hi Mrs.Panda. How much po ang binayaran nyo sa McDonalds for the electricity for sa photobooth? Thank you.

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  12. We love seeing international McDonald's birthday parties! So cool!