Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Part 2 of Wedding Review :)


7. Pink Smile Photobooth


We got this photobooth supplier at the wedding expo together with my HMUA. I believe Pink Smile and Realm are sister companies




-          they were able to customized our preferred layout, the Lucky Chinese Couple logo J

-          we only coordinated with them thru emails and sms but everything went smoothly

-          price is very reasonable

-          good quality printout

-          we DIY’d our ribbon wall as a backdrop instead of the usual tarp, and they helped us to install them J



8.  Onesimus


We’re supposed to book Mr.K , a tailoring shop at BF Homes, but we decided to buy their suits at Onesimus. My papa and kuya are happy with their tux J Mr. Panda had his suit made at Onesimus too but we bought his cloth at Benson @ylaya. Our family buy cloth from them since the 1960s J we bought the cashmere cloth for more than a thousand per yard, but if we bought it at Onesimus its double the price J if you’re paying cash, you can ask for a bigger discount pa J



9. Flowers of May


-          they were able to customized our needs, since I’m allergic to flowers, we have to minimize the use of it.

-          For the church, I requested for the asters bec I wanted the all white look

-          For my bouquet – Red Ecuadorian roses and paper roses with green berries, but some of the edges turned black already by 5pm…

-          For the reception, I ordered floral arrangement for the VIP table,  expectations were met J for the couple’s back drop, I requested for two twig trees (P1,500 per tree only!) and waterfalls (P2,500 only)

-          Price is incredibly low, miss tess is easy to talk to regarding discounts


-          they forgot to install the waterfalls L until now I haven’t received our refund for that.



10. Kiss the Girl Events OTD


I booked KTG a year and a half before our big day. I met arbee at atc with my parents, my mom liked arbee and she told arbee what are her likes and dislikes (na medyo marami haha)



-          booked them at their promo rate, feeling ko medyo nalugi sila sa dami ng meetings namin :P

-          prompt in responding via emails and sms

-          during the almost 2 years preps, arbee checked on me from time to time and she gave me suppliers despite the fact I only availed of their OTD services.

-          She remembered I’m allergic to flowers and she even emailed me pegs of a non-floral bouquet

-          She accompanied me at the wedding expo where I booked my florist and mobile bar and to enderun also, for the final detailing. While miss cece went to the rehearsals naman J

-          She helped me with the missalette, I was supposed to DIY it but I’m two weeks away from the big day and hindi ko pa nagagawa haha J arbee stepped in and did the missalette for me.

-          I have tons of DIY, even my guest table centerpieces are DIY, KTG did the set up of the centerpieces for 14 tables, the cocktails buffet and the registration table J

-          Arbee assisted us during our tea ceremony (Mr. Panda is 100% Chinese)

-          Arbee accepted my turnover of DIY and props. They are 24 boxes…… J

-          KTG distributed to the guests the “car snacks” (mineral water and breadstix)  after the church   ceremony
-     The young lady who stayed at my side, i believe is anj ;) she's really nice :)

-     KTG’s concern for us is more than a supplier’s, they treated us good friends. J



- for the OC-ness level of my friends and mine too haha J 8.5/10 J


 DIY: Registration table (from the A & P, just married lanterns, bird cage, LOVE picture frame)

11. Bridal Shoes


Ninewest – gorgeous..but a bit uncomfy bec its 4.5 inches. I wore it at the pictorial sa hotel haha J

Charles & Keith – perfect and comfy fit J reasonably price J



12. Shots Mobile Bar


We booked at the wedding expo and availed of their package good for 100 pax.



-          I love their bar J

-          Good looking bartenders

-          They accepted our request to serve sparkling wines, I provided them 5 bottles of chamdor na lang. No extra fee J


-          a bit difficult to communicate with them

-          confusion on our package


13. DIY by my wedding partners Lois and Mymy


Lois and Mymy are Mr.Panda’s friends from gradeschool. I met them around 4 years ago even before Mr.Panda and I became friends, I met them thru my bestfriend’s then fiancé. They all went to one school nga pala J we see each other from time to time, birthdays, holiday dinner, outreach projects. But it was only last year that I got really close to them, when they learned of our engagement, lois and mymy reached out to me and extended their help with the preps. My maid of honor is based in the US kasi.

Then mymy got engaged and we started sharing ideas for our weddings, lois is a total sweetheart, managing two brides with two completely different themes. Mymy had an eco-chic wedding that deserved a spot at the Martha Stweart website J

The ring pillow was provided by Von Lazaro, I just pinned my english hat (gift from mymy and lois)  from my bridal tea party. J
I’m afraid I don’t have better pictures of the chocolate truffles ( the gold box is the chocolate truffles) that Lois made for our principal sponsors but I can’t help raving how yummy they are, and our principal sponsors even asked us where to order them. J


Mymy, the creative one, fixed our candles and matches. I bought the double happiness ribbon at Wrap Shop Rockwell Branch and with our trusty gluegun, Mymy fixed our candles and matched in 1 hour.

Our Cord by mymy too J

My wedding sisters/partners kept me sane during the preps and upto the last minute I walked down the aisle :)


  1. hi sis!
    best wishes and congrats again!
    kapalan ko na mukha ko, pero pwede mahiram yun letters mo? A and P din kasi initial namin ni honey. Thanks!

    Alvin and Peachy
    May 18,2013

    1. sis peachy, sure :) pls give me your email add :)

  2. thanks sis!
    nag-email din ata ako sayo sa yahoo group :-)

  3. hi sis!

    Congrats and best wishes!
    Btw, saang store sa market!market! mo exactly nabili yung letters, A & P?


    CTK/Capitol GreenStreet (Hillside)

  4. not sure if they're still open sis, we went there twice to purchase boxes this month and close sila. what size do you need? my neice is making paper mache letters already :)

  5. Thanks sis! Sayang naman.. Naku aabalahin mo pa niece mo.. if ever ganyang size lang din like yours..magkano quote mo para maconsider ko..