Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yes i'm still alive!

Yes, I'm still alive :)

Mrs. Panda is in between places right now. We're still waiting for our papers from USCIS but the hubby's big boss is confident we will have a snowy Christmas this year. We extended our lease for our condo for a another 2 months because we thought that is the best option for us....... the owner of the condo offered to sell to us the unit (and yes im so inlove with our first home) but its only 1 bedroom and it wont serve us that much when we have a family na talaga.. Ayoko naman ipa-rent bec of the horror stories sa pag paparent. Ayoko na mastress haha.

I resigned from my job.... a little heartbreaking but I need to be ready if dumating na ang papers namin..... so the other big question what if hindi pa kami makaalis this year.... hubby said focus muna ako with my treatment.....

Treatment... I was diagnosed with  pcos a month ago.... after reading online re:pcos..... napraning ako haha. Yes, I'm a bad patient, mahilig ako sa self-diagnose! kaya pagdating ko sa doctor meron na ko cue cards and  certain expectations..... =/  I found good reviews about Dr. Judith Peralta of st.lukes and since we're two blocks aways from GC. Perfect :)  She's very nice and very easy to talk to. Very simple din ang explanation nya sakin kaya feeling mo ok lang ang lahat :) So far, I'm responding well to the treatment  sana mag tuloy tuloy na :)
I'm thinking of fixing my lay out :) will email Fancy Girl Design again :) I saw her works na and I'm so in love with her design... medyo sabog kasi ang blog ko and I plan to maintain my blog na talaga :) I know I may not be a good writer but I feel really happy after I blog. My two blog idols  are mommyfleur and Leah! and there's something in the way that they write their blogs... so pure and so raw :) no pretensions talaga. They're my secret pleasures too, never fails to cheer me up whenever I read their blogs.
Today is Friday! I hope this weekend will be fruitful for everyone! :)

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