Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Target Great Finds! :)

I still can't get over how pretty the life size dollhouse of Target :) As in the laundry room is one of my favorites! :) when we have our own house na, eto talaga ang peg ko for our own laundry room. wicker baskets and all :) :)

Anyway, one of my cheap thrills is surfing the Target Website, with their new line Threshold, the target addict in me is going crazy over their website!

Here are some of their Threshold products I'm crazy about

 I'm so in love with the prints!
 Love the white and the design! :)
Love the clock perfect for halls :)

I'm still sticking to my white plates but the pop of color are so refreshing :)

 The yellow spread is so sunny but it in a classic taste :)
 My secret addiction for sunburst mirror :)
 I saw something similar from Mandaue Foam, kaya lang sold na :(
 Cute Serving Plates!
I love the wood and metal combination :)

 another secret addiction: lampshades :)
 Remember in the 80s, our moms have the brass set of animals?
 Bec I grew up in a wall to wall carpet home...
Carpets makes me feel I'm home :)
Kung mura lang bumili sa US and padala thru balikbayan box...... bka puro target charges sa Mr.Panda (hindi pala sakin naka - charge haha)

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