Thursday, December 26, 2013

Landmark: Table Napkin Shopping

I dropped by at Landmark last month to buy table napkins for my high school get - together, and I scored some pretty table napkins! and I saw some lovely Christmas decor and  cutesy throw pillows too :)

This Christmas Tree is a different from my usual taste..... but for some reasons I'm drawn to this tree :)

This is a nice gift for newlyweds or for new homeowners :)

The cupcakes, tea set, vintage clock and key are lovely to look at! :)

simple but classy wreaths :)

Christmas Theme Table Napkins from P 29.75 to P 39.75 per pack

I bought these pink and green polka napkins for our HS get together :)

Got these for my "baking kit" gifts for little girls this Christmas :)

I love the weird trees haha and I found the heart-y plants cute :)

I was supposed to use this for our Noche Buena...oh well.

I'm not a pink girl usually but these napkins are too cute to pass. 

Landmark Makati will always be one of my favorite malls, I grew up going there and one of my favorite childhood memories is our weekly grocery shopping and dinner at triple-v ( yep, naabutan ko pa ang triple-v sa landmark). And I'm very happy with their renovations (finally!) and their new stuff! easy on the pocket but good finds! :) :)

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