Monday, July 21, 2014

Thirdy and his Ben10 cupcakes!

A couple of weeks ago, our family boy saw a mini cupcake maker and he begged and pleaded to me to buy him one. Like he promised not to eat potato corner or watch  tom & jerry just for me to get him his "baking tool". I used to bake when I was a kid and I'm more than happy to support him. :) I immediately ordered online and even got two! Shopaholic for Kids have a sweet deal ongoing that you can buy a smart planet mini cupcake maker and a smart planet mini donut maker for P2,700 only! and free shipping pa :) :) 

Here's our darling boy in his robots pajamas and LOVE apron from the 88 store hihi :)

We bought a Betty Crocker premix to make things easier muna for him (no measuring muna) and new spatulas from Dough-it-all at BF Homes. A little whisk from Robinsons Pergola Mall :) 

A little sleepy but super excited!

Beating the eggs!

Pouring the oil :)

Done mixing the premix!

Excited to spray the cupcake maker with Kirkland Canola Oil :) 

Waiting for the first batch of cupcakes! :) excited to decorate it with his ben10 cupcake toppers :)

After 5 minutes!  Please watch out for the steam! I have my kitchen gloves on when I opened it. Adult supervision is very important :)

His Ben10 chocolate cupcakes! next week, we will try my fgood old recipe and frosting too :)

I suggest this smart planet cupcake maker for a nice activity with kids, very easy to clean and you're done baking in 5 minutes. This is also nice for a quick snack fix :) the best part on buying at Shopaholic for Kids next to their super fast and stress free process, the smart planet makers are ready to plug na! naka- 220volts na siya. No need to switch it from 110v. Compared if you will buy from other online stores na naka-110v pa :)  We can't wait to try the donut maker too! :) Will post our review soon :) I highly recommend this as nice gift for kiddos, housewarming, even on a bridal shower! especially if kitchen or baking theme :) :)

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