Thursday, August 31, 2017

GSS 2017!

I used to hear GSS or great singapore sale from my sister from another mother (and father) when we were still both working at slmc-gc. She raved how cheap the items were and how people go to SG for that particular sale. Fast forward, 6 years later I experienced my first GSS as a trailing wife in SG. To say that I enjoyed it is an understatement! I still have some of my shopping loot from my first GSS untouched. My second GSS was all about my sioplet, we just got back at SG that time and we were building his wardrobe that time and some necessities too.

Sharing with you some of my loot! Most items are 50-70% off!

For my sioplet! 😄 and of course he should have panda socks!

Loot from Zara 😊😊😉

This is a very unusual choice for me, but my son laughed when he saw me wearing it. I realized after purchasing it, that i look like a cupcake or a pink chicken flapping.


The ribbons got me.

Again, the ribbons.

Yes, the ribbons and the pink tweed with subtle gold thread.

Love that I can put this on, and look like a decent mom to a toddler.

This is my favorite! from the collar to the dainty silver buttons ❤

 Classic white shirt with a twist, reminds me of  COS.

Retail therapy while pushing the stroller of my sleeping toddler while waiting for Mr. Panda during weekdays 😍

Please share your GSS loot too! 

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