Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do you want to see a life-size DollHouse? :)

One of my secret and cheap happiness is surfing websites like target. I'm so in love with their home stuff and how affordable they are! Imagine, my excitement when I read that they made a real-life dollhouse at NY Grand Central Terminal!  :) :)  The two story Threshold Doll House opened last week at the Vanderbilt Hall

OMG! Droollllll!!!!
From the front door to the laundry area! Totally Adorable! :) I grabbed some pics from to share it with you guys. My favorite shots :)

Don't you just love the mailbox? :) and from the picture posted above, we can see the adorable bath tub shower curtains :)

Love the laundry room! with the baskets and white shelf :)  and the terrace! parang ang sarap mag coffee and read books :)

I love the different patterns of the beddings and they still look good together! plus the picture frames display :)

The odd shape of this corner made it perfect for a mini work area :)  This brown cabinet is love at first sight (the white dinnerware looks so familiar! hihi) and I love the gold animals!

Pillowcases! opo, ako ay isang pillowcases hoarder/addict hihi :)

Sana may life-size dollhouse din by Mandaue Foam or Rustans hihi :)

Click the video for the making of the dollhouse :)

I'm itching to buy online!!! Don't you just love affordable home stuffs especially if you have a low EQ like me with interiors? lol. :)



  1. oh... my... lawwd... O_O wow... wish i was there...:P

    1. hiya! :) thank you for visiting my blog :) totally agree, the lifesize dollhouse is so amazing! :)

  2. Hi Mrs. Panda! Thanks for visiting my blog! Regarding your question sa school #4, hindi siya exactly Concha Cruz but near there. ;p Anyway, I also love checking out the Target website, esp. the home section. Nakakaloka diba? At yes sa mga horders ng throwpillow cases (apir!) ;p

    1. Hi Mrs.Mommyholic! ah okie, hindi pala yung sa concha cruz :) I stalk your blog and i'm also from the village infront of mandarin hihi :) I totally love your DIYs :)