Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY: Candies and Cocktail Treats Buffet!

Hi dears!

I would just like to share with you guys my two Diy's Candies and Cocktail Treats Buffet! :)

My first attempt was for our wedding last December :) we used the the treats buffet for our cocktails, para may activity din ang guests while waiting for us finish our tea ceremony.

(apologies for the chips! preps period pa kasi when they took the pics)

The long sticks of yogurt sticks on top of the fish crackers are 29.00 each at landmark supermarket :) sa candy corner P35.00 each

Cocktail Buffet:

-          Three ball jars from truevalue P250.00 only!

-          Oval plastic servers and round appetizer plastic server less than P100 from s&r

-          Round glass containers from Uniwide Sucat P25.00

-          Apothecary jars, borrowed from mymy, she bought them less than 300 each from Ever grocery pque J

-          Cake Trays P500 each from Gourdos, mymy bought one for her wedding and I loaned her mine during her eco chic wedding for her cake buffet. J then I borrowed hers last december for my cocktail buffet

-          Yogurt Powder Sticks from candy corner P35.00 each (cheaper sa landmark P29.00)

-         Butter Biscuits (around P85.00 per pack, bought 1 pack only), Choco chip cookies (around P85.00 per pack, bought 1 pack only) , Ice gems (around P100.00 per pack, bought 1 pack only)from le doux total gas station near Hillsborough Pque  c/o lois and mymy

-          Purple Oven Brownies placed in red cupcake holders c/o lois

-         2 Pringles (cheese and orginal), 6 big bags of chips (I bought local ones lang piattos,nova, 5 oreos,2 big bags of fish crackers (P50.00 each), 3 packs of heart shaped mallows (P20.00 each) from Landmark

-          Pretzels from Santis (around P110.00 per pack, bought 2 packs only)

-          Serving tools (tongs P60.00 each and scoopers P100.00 each) from Cooks Exchange Rockwell

-          Red Tissues from Uncle Bills store Ayala Lrt Branch (P66.00 per tissue pack 50pcs)

-          Just married lanterns from Oriental Trading (less than 10usd)

-          Love is Sweet, take a treat Post – diy by lois ( we just used a 1/8 illustration board and gold markers)
-     Pink and Red hearts paper cupcake container that we used a cocktail cups :) we bought this at Binondo pa, but you can buy these at Shopwise Sucat I saw few sets of these and gourdos or cooks exchange :)
*** for the glass containers, look at your mom and lola's kitchen and dining, you might just find what you're looking for! :) for the cocktail treats I suggest you check your favorite groceries and look for great finds for pica-pica/cocktails! :)
Here's my 2nd attempt at DIY sweet buffet!
1. cupcake tower is the gift of my brother and his close friends to Liam
2.the smaller tower are "treats tower"
- the white tower is from Shopwise P300.00 B1T1
- bought blue and white poldots paper cupcake cups at cooks exchange (around P50.00 for 1 dozen)
- I bought local cheesepuffs  and dewberry biscuits from the grocery
3. Airplane Choco lollies (P15.00 - P 20.00 each)
- I place them on top of blue and green boxes that I used for my dvd's at home haha :)
4. Cake tray which I used at my wedding treats buffet
- we place some cream puffs that we bought from my kuya's friend (around P500 for the whole serving)
5. Three ball jars which I also used at my wedding treats buffet, I filled them with mashmallows which I bought from the local baking store (P80.00 for a big bag of mallows)
6. Yogurt sticks 29.00 each from Landmark
7. Repacked peanuts with diy stickers!
8. the kids' favorite part - The World MAP from National Bookstore P100.00 plus :)
Hope you enjoyed my DIYs!  if you need any help or additional info please let me know! :) :) :)


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