Thursday, May 2, 2013

Super Overdue Post! Liam's Airport Party :)

My brother's best friend gave birth to a precious boy last year's Valentines day :) and after months of adorable smiles, precious little hugs... our dearest little boy is 1 year old!  
Welcome to Liam Air!   (aka Zobel Hall Makati Sports Complex)
Food Carts at the Waiting Lounge

This is my gift to Liam, a DIY Treats Table :)

Airplane Shaped Choco Lollies!
The 3d stage!
 Milestone cake form Marta's Cakes

We were not allowed to tape at the walls and the ceilings though :(

But, overall its one of the most memorable birthday party I've been to! :)
A celebration of a mother's love :)

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