Monday, June 17, 2013

Muji: Household finds!

Everytime, I passed by Muji, I would always go inside and look for something that I can buy. Unfortunately, I always end up buying their hotel-ish pillows. very good buy for 700plus :) I want to buy their organizers, but I saw similar ones at Japan 88 store, saizen or landmark for 1/4 of the muji's price. Then last week, Mr.Panda texted me to buy some cleaning tools (ako talaga bumibili bec I want a certain look sa cleaning tools, gusto ko white handles lang and gusto ko pristine white pa talaga). I went out during lunch time to pick up something at apple store at greenbelt. Muji is next door to Apple, and I remembered seeing mops there before. It took me less than 5 minutes the cleaning brushes that I'm looking for! 

Sorry, nabasa ko na kasi yung brushes kasi I spray it with Lysol agad (sorry oc ako sa ganito). The slim brush is perfect for corners and grime sa tiles this one cost less than 200, parang 180 lang ata. The wide brush is 250plus. and I like that the handle can move 180 degress. :)
I love it when I find things exactly how I envisioned it to be. (ang lalim haha)
Please share your favorite cleaning tools too :)

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