Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pamana: a nostalgic pinoy restaurant

After our Casa Dolores overnight, we went to tagaytay for late lunch :) of course, pinoy food is the top choice, I want to bring them to good old favorite Antonios, but the traffic was horrible so when we saw Pamana, we decided to try this resto na lagi lang naming nalalampasan before. (but gusto ko na try matagal na haha)
it looks like a renovated old house to me :)
this is the entrance, there are small toys and trinkets that you can buy :)
they even have home-maid Spanish sardines here and nice tumblers for sale :)
Vintage photos displayed at the lanai
if only this chandelier is for sale....woot woot :)
I'm a sucker for pretty plates!

Sizzling Bulalo (uber yummy!)

Sugpo sa taba ng talangka

                                                              Binagoongan Bagnet

Not in the picture = Bulalo (na excite kami masyado, we forgot take pics)


- the food is uber yummy
- their bulalo reminds me of my lola's cooking
- value for your money plus with the dining experience too :)
- servings good for 4-5 (average eaters)
- wear an anti-mosquito patch next time.


See you soon Pamana! :)






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  1. sugpo sa taba ng talanka!!! oh my lawwwd.... I'm salivating right now. hahaha!