Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Still alive and eating ice cream! :) :)

Omg! July pa last post ko! Busy Bee to the nth level! I miss blogging!!! I hope everyone is doing ok and sa mga habagat victims.. I know how you feel, the parentals house is like a pool inside.... :( sana nakarecover na kayo.

Anyway, enough of nega vibes! I have so many drafts to post na napaglipasan na ng panahon! hihi :)
I'll start with my new favorite! Coldstone at Serendra! if batang-quad ka (old glorietta) and you're familiar sa baba ng Glicos Area, yung may bridge papunta sa park square. There's an old ice cream store very similar to Coldstone, parang its called "Copenhagen" and you can even put your own toppings! as in malunod ka sa m&m! I used to go there and nauubos ang patience ng papa ko kasi nagkakalat lang daw ako sa store hihi :)

Coldstone is my new "Copenhagen" except they control the toppings haha :)

The Choco Dipped Waffle Cones!!!!!!! Aww Copenhagen Childhood Memories!

 The cutest COKE ref! sana meron ganito for sale! :)


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