Sunday, March 23, 2014

My 3-0 day 3:Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

For the day 3 of my 3-0 birthday dinners :) we went to Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen :)

When I was younger, we used to passed by this restaurant and I remembered that the homeowners will change the colors of the facade of their house numerous times. And then, it was turned to a restaurant. I will always try to dine there but for some reason, feeling ko creepy area siya! kasi nasa tropical area siya (for south peeps, you guys know what I mean) then, my former boss told me that her family went there and they were surprised na maganda daw sa loob and yummy ang food! I told Mr. Panda about it and sinama pala niya sa list of restaurants to try :)

when you enter the gate, you'll see this nice site-up :)

an air-cooler to keep the guests comfy

we were ushered inside :)

Creme of Mushroom

City Sampler
Chicken Wings, Calamares, Spicy Garlic Sausage, Fries with Brown Gravy and Garlic-Mayo Dip 495.00

Penne Pesto Al Pollo
Zesty penne paired with grilled juicy chicken strips in sage, pine nuts, spinach pesto 295.00

Tenderloin tips sauteed in garlic, mushrooms, olive oil and seasoning 295.00

Peso Power:

Mrs. Panda's Foodie View:
- They have free wifi and the interiors are cozy :)
- Marami sila staff and very efficient too :) kaya kahit full-house ang resto, mabilis pa din dumating ang orders and alert pa din sila sa needs ng guests :)
- Mr. Panda love the cream of mushroom soup! Madami din ang single serving nila, you can actually split it into two bowls.
- I love love love the city sampler! lahat ok! :) and my favorite calamari is cooked very well :)
- Mr. Panda gave his pasta 4/5 :)
- One of the best salpicao! Super tender and hindi siya oily kahit madaming oil sa plate ko ( i know, i know..medyo contradicting but yun talaga :) ) 

Will I go back? YES! we actually did already... last night hihi :)

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  1. ang yummy naman neto mrs panda! as for the plant pala, 50 pesos lang sya. try mo sa MSBF, cartimar, or that mall na malapit sa MSBF, sorry, can't recall the name :( yung may weekend market.