Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pre - Birthday Celebration at Tagaytay

Last week, my family and I went to Tagaytay to have a pre-birthday celebration for my 3-0 birthday! Yesssss... nasa line of na 3's na age ko. I remember when I was younger..much much younger, I was so excited to grow old...yay 4 na ko! yay 5 na ko!and syempre, pag 7 yrs old ka na feeling mo grown up ka na hihi :) But now, I don't want to grow old, I want to grow but not older hihi :) I guess some of you guys can echo my sentiments :) 

We went to my favorite chain of restaurants in Tagaytay, for lunch we went to Antonio's Grill.

Calamares 330
Deep-fried Squid Cutlets

Chicken Skin 175

Bulalo 680

Laing 260
Beancurd wrapped in Taro Leaves, cooked in Cream of Coconut Milk

Grilled Hito 290
Served w/ Buro, Mustasa & Talong

Then, we went to Cafe Breton at the Cliffhouse for dessert :)

Double Cappuccino for Papa :)

My forever favorite - La Pinay :)
Mango, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce 180.00

Ma ordered this one because peaches are her favorite :)
Peche Mignon
Peach halves, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, Grand Marnier and whipped cream 290.00

Peso Power:Antonio's Grill - 4/5Cafe Breton 5/5

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Views:Antonio's Grill- the food is yummy :) good old home cooked pinoy food :)- the bulalo was served...not hot enought... yup,umuusok siya pero when you take a sip of the soup, its not that hot. E gusto pa naman namin sa bulalo yung super steaming hot. Hihi :)- the calamares was a major fail for me, parang doughnut siya, then the batter tasted like pancakes. - medyo matagal lang ang service that time.
Cafe Breton- my favorite dessert place! :)- the crepes are feel-good food :)- the rustic resto is perfect for the cold weather of Tagaytay

Will I go back? YES!!!! :)


  1. I'm starting to get so homesick and homefoodsick after reading your post sis! I hope Philippines is just an MRT-ride away from where I am. Happy birthday in advance! :)

    1. iba pa din talaga ang pinoy food :) thanks for the greeting! :)

  2. i can totally relate :)) turned 30 last year. now for my birthdays, pabalik na yung bilang, so this year, 29 na ko.hahahaha! happy birthday mrs. panda. i agree, grow wiser and kinder ;) more blessings girl!

    1. thanks sis! :) i'll do that next year din, pabaligtad na ko magbilang ng birthdays lol :)

  3. yum! naglalaway na ko! haha

    1. hihi :) thanks for reading my blog sis :) mahilig lang talaga ako sa food :)

  4. Forever fave ko din sa Cafe Breton ang La Pinay, swak kasi ang ingredients at simple lang sya hindi nakaka-overwhelm. Waaaah nakakamiss tuloy! :)