Friday, April 11, 2014

My 3 - 0 Day 6: Lasa and Maple @ Alabang

Continuation of my 3-0 Birthday Celebration! My Kuya treated us for dinner for my day 6, and he picked Lasa at Alabang. Its located across Acacia, same building of Army Navy. And we're very pleased with the interiors and we really enjoyed our dinner!

Love love the green lamps! and the loft structure remind me of the 28th (our first panda home)

this leads to their kitchen and ang ganda ng stairs nila ha!

Liempo Sisig
Crispy bits of pork belly quick fried with capsicums and red onions 220.00

Tokwa't Baboy
Deep-fried hard tofu and lechon kawali dressed with local aromatics and soy vinegar 200.00

Slow braised oyster blade with rosemary infused onion-shiitake jus garnished with steamed asparagus spears 470.00

Plain Rice
Sharing 150.00

Garlic Crispy Tadyang
Crispy boneless beef ribs, topped with toasted garlic. Served with soy vinegar. 250.00

And we had desserts at my favorite Maple (which is right across Lasa)

Forgot the name but this is huge!

Chocolate Skillet Cookie (around P250.00)

Peso Power:
LASA 4/5
Maple 5/5

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Reviews
- the interiors is modern filipino
- the owners were there when we dine and they even approach our table to check on us
- ang dami nila servers! 
- the servings are a bit small for the price but super malasa na konti lang need mo with rice (ifyouknowwhatimean) haha :)
- lahat ng orders namin 5 stars! ang saraap
- the sisig liempo have the perfect spicy taste!

- servings are good for sharing! we were 5 in the group may take home pa kami (take note:my family are sweetaholics!)
- i like the forbes branch more than the alabang. medyo masikip
- the servers are as usual very courteous and prompt

Will I come back? YES!!!!


  1. mrs. panda! kagutom talaga tong blog mo :) super extended ang birthday celebration! bongga! you are truly blessed kasi you're so bait :)