Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ghost of Betrayal

I don't want to post negativity on my blog as much as possible. This tiny spot of mine at the blogosphere is my little spot of sunshine too. When I reread my posts,  I want them to be filled with giggles and smiles.  But right now, I just want to write about this ghost that have been haunting us since late last year.

The Ghost of Betrayal. When a stranger betrayed you whether it's work or business related. You'll get mad and then you do something about it. And then you can move on.  But when it's a family member who betrayed you. Anger is only secondary emotion that you will experience. There will be denial - no, that person that you're really close to... will not do such thing. Then, you'll question yourself... did I did something wrong to that person for him/her to do this to me/us? And finally, the realization of betrayal. Then, the acceptance that the person you trusted most, loved and considered as your forever ally.... will betray you in the worst case scenario.

And when you start to plan to fix this. When you started looking into the legal battle. People will tell you but "they're your family".

I don't understand that statement. When those people betrayed you they didn't consider the fact that you're family. And now, you will protect yourself and straighten things out. You will hear those words "they're your family".

Exactly. They're your family. Flesh and Blood. Is being blood related a free pass to betray someone and to get away with it?

I choose my friends, but family... I obviously can't.

But I can choose who I can consider as my family. Blood related or not. And I believe God won't get mad at me from staying away from those kind of people. Life is too short to spend on hatred and anger. And staying away from people who betrayed us will make our lives more peaceful.

I'm blessed and I'm thankful for that.  So this ghost of betrayal, your days are over.  I won't let you harm my own family. And hopefully, my future kids.

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