Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Old Navy Manila!

Overdue Post:

Old Navy arrived at the Manila Shores last March! :) I used to buy Old Navy whenever they got online sale :) the quality is hit and miss, sanayan na lang sa pagbili para dun mas makarami ka sa "hit"

Mr. Panda and I went to the 2nd day of opening, wala na pala yung tote bags sayang! but there are still good discounted items! Ang dami ng tao parang s&r levels pag sale :)

And we went home with these... :)

I got three pairs of jeans :) nakakaloko lang ang sizes meron ako size 6,8 and 12. 12 talaga!

Two perfect tank tops for summer!

Manila Edition Shirts for me, Mr. Panda and Thirdy!

Comfy Shirts perfect for summer! Ang init ngayon!

St. Patrick's Shirt for my Pop :)

Baby Socks for Project BC! Ang cutesy lang kasi hihi :)

Ankle socks for never natuloy...

 Flip Flops for Pop and Mr. Panda

For me and Mommy! (ayaw umikot ng picture)

We really had fun with our first trip to Old Navy Manila :) But there were some glitches sa system nila. Medyo nairita ako ng very slight.....

1. There were some items na on top of the table with SALE tags, pagdating sa cashier hindi daw. Nahalo lang daw sa table, e ang daming stacks of shirts dun! like hundreds na neatly folded.

2. After they punched in all our items, umabot ng 13k ang bill namin! Yun pala yung mga 50% off sa jeans hindi nila na-apply. Buti na lang I double-checked.

They gave us tickets for their mini fare infront of the store. We got some Cbtl canned drinks and Speculoos ice cream :)

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