Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CASA REAL: negative pre- event review

I found abut this beautiful events venue online and I knew it was the perfect place for the suprise 40th wedding anniversary dinner party for my parents. Casa Real is an old mansion relocated in Acacia Estates, Taguig. I fell in love with their Soleriega Hall too. We even braved the the storm to go to SMX to book this venue. The people in charge of their booth were a breeze to talk to and even gave us the best monthly terms!  I thought I made the right decision. But, I was wrong.

After a couple of months, I got a sms from them to provide new set of cheques. Because as per their finance department, they cannot deposit 3 out of the 7 cheque. Because of the legibility of handwriting, Mr. Panda wrote the details in the check in PRINT. And the same handwriting for the other 4 cheques. What pissed me off was it took them weeks before they figure it out and I informed them when I paid that we will move abroad and asked them if there's anything I need to do. And they said "NONE" and gave me my official receipts for payment. I went home last December and texted them numerous times how can we settle the problem because my husband is abroad and cannot issue new cheques. They did not reply. I have to bug them thru sms and email before they finally reply. And informed me that there's nothing I can do about it but issue the new cheques despite the fact I told them no, we will not send signed cheques from Singapore to Manila. After 3 months of their useless efforts, I told them to return all my advance payments and cheques and we will cancel the reservation. No, I will not pay any cancellation fees because it is not my fault. Aftere two days (ang bilis di ba!) Jane, their AE, replied that no need for me to cancel but they will just accept my offer of cash payments upon my arrival on May 3.

I thought my problem with them is finally over but then again I was wrong!!!!

Mid- February, week after we finally agreed with the cash payment, I emailed Jane if they will allow balloon release. She replied that she will check with the management.

Emailed again end of Feb. No answer


Last week, I send her a sms again. AND she replied that she's no longer connected with DMCI sincel last February and gave me a phone number to coordinate with.

SERIOUSLY!?? as an AE, it's her duty to inform all her clients for a proper turnover and she knew I was waiting for her response for the balloon release. this is probably one of my worst experience with booking events venues. DMCI is a huge company, how come their leasing office sucks?

I messaged the number she provided me last friday. No response.My brother in Manila kept calling their landline number too but no one is picking the phone.

Today, I message again the same number and finally someone answered and said she'll get back to my by 4pm because she need to check my files.

Let's wait and see....


  1. Your post is very helpful, I heard from my neighbor that there is best party venue rentals available very near to your zone and the services provided by them is just wonderful.

  2. Hi Mrs. Panda, I came across your post after considering Casa Real as a possible venue for my wedding reception in 2016. Any developments regarding your event? I'm curious to see how DMCI handled your situation. The venue is very pretty... But it might not be worth it if the management is incompetent. I'm also based overseas so I don't want to be the one chasing after them for concerns.