Monday, November 25, 2013

Overdue Post: IHOP BGC

When IHOP opened in BGC, facebook posts and twitter were all about IHOP. I was dying to try IHOP, because most of my friends and relatives from US called it their comfort food too. Then my former boss told me "not sure if you'll like it, pancake house is way better" na-crash ang IHOP dreams ko, because I don't even like pancake house that much.

We live a few blocks from IHOP and we will always see the long lines of waiting customers even on weekdays! Mr. Panda and I decided to give it a try. Tama ang boss ko (no offense to IHOP fans)

I love that they have buzzers! ang hirap kaya magtawag ng waiter mangangalay na arms ko minsan.

Splashberry - 3/5

Tropical Island Twist - 2.5/5

Original Buttermilk Pancakes - 3/5
- dry ang pancakes
- if walang butter na sobrang konti lang ang lagay nila, wala talaga lasa
- mas ok pa ang maya pancakes and dairy creme combo

Double Blueberry Pancake 4/5
- sabi ni Mr.Panda ang score

Breakfast Sampler 4/5
- because anything with bacon deserves a high score haha :)

Peso Power:
- expensive for the food's quality

Mrs. Panda's Foodie View:
- the ambiance is very nice, the couches are a bit uncomfy
- i love the buzzers
- their waiters are attentive too!
- however, i might not return anymore. Ok na sakin natry na namin :)

IHOP Restaurant
W Global Center
30th corner 9th

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  1. I agree. Been in ihop in bgc 3x and while the service is really nice, the food is overrated. In fairness their French onion steak and the other steak (lol, I forget) was good. But the rest were so so. Great selling point for thepancakes I guess are the syrups.