Monday, March 4, 2013

LifeHacks Part 4! :)

Hiya! i would just like to share with you guys again some life hacks tips :)
1. use the mallows to keep the powder fresh :)

2. Easy guide for flower arrangement :)

3. Re-use your hotel showercaps for your use (sapce saver tip!)

4. Re-use your soda tabs for frames w/o hooks :)

5. DIY mini sewing kit, just wrap the matchbox with pretty paper :)

6. Re-use soda boxes, Perfect for Parties ;)

7. Secure your cords with cassette tape cases!

8. Storing your plastic bags

9.Crayons box perfect for digicam :)

10.  I do this whenever I do a quick jog :)

11. A yard of ribbon can give your old lampshade a new look :)

12. Mousepads for your hot pots!

 13. Nice trick for painting your door

14. Perfect container for your pills :)

15. To add grip to your glasses plus it looks nice! :)

16. Re-use your eyeglass case as a manicure kit

17. Safer way to light sparklers!

18. Reuse your old paint swatch as escort cards :)

19. Use S-hooks  for hanging your bags

20. For easier access for your tweezers :) nifty trick for magnets

21. Add some lollipops at your party drinks! :) stirrer + flavor!

Hope you enjoy the part 4! :)

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  1. very nifty! :)

    Thanks for sharing

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