Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thirdy's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party!

A couple of months ago, kids and kids at heart were happy to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen. Panahon ko ang Ninja Turtles and there was even a time na ang school bag ko si Michaelangelo haha! :)  Hubby and I brought Thirdy with us and we ended up explaining every 5 minutes bakit nagsasalita ang turtles. His birthday was a couple of days away and he decided hindi na Dragons ang theme, TMNT na! Well, his party was very intimate naman.... he only invited 2 kiddie guests. Ganun ka cozy. Even if it's a cozy party, since gusto niya ang TMNT... I tried to stick to the theme with simple diy's and take out foods! lol :)



Thirdy's Treats Table :)


I found some TNMT play packs from Bf Ruins and shades on sale at ATC Metro department store for 10 bucks only!


Hubby cooked the fried chicken hihi :) 

Make you own hotdog sandwich :)

Thirdy's favorite cheese roll from Mary Grace and Garlic Sotanghon from Contis :)

TNMT googly cups!

Chocolate cake from Cielin's and placed some toppers and sparkling candles :)


Cupcakes from Cielin's and placed some TNMT toppers again :)


Design your own cupcake activity :) 

The cozy party lasted for 4 hours :) longer than a regular party. But our little sweetheart was happy and hugged with his chuuby arms for his TNMT party :)

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  1. I love intimate parties! I hope I can make one for the twin's birthday pero malabo atang mangyari yun! Love the DIY Hotdog Sandwich and Design Your Own Cupcake pero baka sobrang makalat kapag madameng bata