Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tea, Coffee, Pink and Brown

We are very happy to have a spacious flat :) but we want to make it more "us". I joked to Mr. Panda that I want to make our kitchen to look girly :) and he agreed! Since, temporary lang daw naman daw we can experiment haha :) Since, I'm into Cath Kidston nowadays! I have more reason to buy na! :)

Here are my inspiration for our chic kitchen :)

                                       pink. pink, pink

                                      When chocolate and pink was king ;)  Candy shop "Chocolat" display at the shop.

                            Resembles "Beauty and the Beast" tea set

                                        Kitchen storage and Romantic design #decor

                                       love these colours- Cath Kidston and Greengate Heart Handmade UK

                                       Adding colors to flavours :)

                                       V i n t a g e . F l o r a l s from Greengate

What do you think guys? too girly ba? :)


  1. Pretty! It looks like Cath Kidston stuff and English Teacups like Royal Albert's are all the craze nowadays.

    1. yup :) :) cath kidston will open on Dec 5 na daw in Manila!