Friday, July 3, 2015

First Timer at GSS!!!!

How are you, guys?! I was busy for awhile because my close friend is here for a visit and we spent days together --- eating, window shopping, eating and shopping. Hihi! But before she arrived, I told her I ran out of my allowance because I got a bit excited when the GSS started! 

Now I know why everybody is excited for the Great Singapore Sale! 

Dears,this is not a "brag" post ha :) sharing lang of what you can buy during the GSS! 

Sephora have 30,,40 and 50% off! but what i bought were the ones naka 50% off :)

i love the push lipstick tubes!

not my typical shade, but the purple hue is so pretty!
shade: little pretty
around 25sgd

Not my typical shade too, I'm more on the nudes and reds but this pink is calling out on me!
Shade: Happy Ending
Price: around 25sgd

Sephora's Artist Blush
Shade: Coral
Price: around 9sgd

And my bargain loots!

From Typo: my friends and I are planning a business and i love to jot down my to-do lists :)
Price: 10sgd

From Typo: Magnetic Scrabble Tiles! For messages sa ref! hihi!
Price: 10 or 5 sgd

From Coach Takashimaya: wristlet for 50 sgd!

From Cotton On @ IMM: white l/sleeves

From Cotton On @ IMM: this shirt reminds me of my favorite zara shirts

From H&M: white sweater ( I bought the same one but in mustard color last year for 19sgd)
Price: 7sgd

From H&M: summer dress
Price: 7sgd

From a nice store in Holland Village: Pink Runched Sleeves
Price: 8sgd

From Cotton On @ IMM: sleepwear shorts!

From Mango: travel pouch for chargers
Price: less than 10sgd

From Mango: blue shorts with leather zipper pull
Price: 19sgd

 From G2000 @ IMM: blue sleeveless top ( can be worn for office or casual look)
Price: 19sgd

From H&M: white cotton shirt (Men's small, because I love soft white shirts!)

From Typo: Vintage Map Fabric
Price: 10 or 20sgd
I was supposed to hang it in our living room, but even our big white walls is kinda small for this "not so huge" fabric.

From Cotton On @ IMM: Gym Bra

From Cotton On @ IMM: Superman Shirt
Price: 3sgd

From Rubi @Westgate: blue sandals

From Cotton On @ IMM: Batgirl Shirt
Price: 3 or 5sgd

From Cotton On @ IMM: Hello Kitty Sweatshirt
Price: 10sgd

 From H&M: Baby Shirt for my inaanak

From Typo: Baggage Tags

From Typo: Travel Purse
Price: 10sgd

From Benetton @Takashimaya: Grey Sweater for the Hubby 

 Hope you enjoy my first batch of loot! :) Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Shopping is indeed one of ladies' hobby. LOL. Ganda nung sleepwear shorts mo Mrs. Panda! (^-^)

    1. thanks mommy charm! new look for sleepwear haha!

  2. wow andame sis! pampawala din ng homesick ang shopping noh?


  3. May sale din sa Cath Kidston? =)

  4. Admin, if not okay please remove!

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