Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mrs. Panda is a Expatreneur?!

According to the Urban Dictionary;

Someone who, while living in a foreign country, commits to the process of starting their own business.

A former corporate slave turned into a housewife in a foreign country.... Yes, that's me. And it drives me nuts! For the first few weeks, I cleaned the house twice a day. The dusts drive me nuts and I realized kahit anong sweep & mop ang gawin ko may alikabok pa din! I tried to do groceries thrice a week, the community mall is 10 mins walk away from us. And with my shopping trolley, Hello Fairprice!

But Mr. Panda and I are two average pinoy foodie! that's why we have 3 carts lol! and I realized grocery hoarding is not ok... sayang ang food pag nag-expired... so ang pwede ko na lang hoard ay bottled waters, our flat don't have a filter and we rely on mineral bottled waters. Usually nagsasale ang Yeo Sparkling Water 2 -- 1.5 liters for a dollar or a dollar and fifteen. Pag sale, we buy at least 10 bottles... ang bigat nga lang talaga sa trolley pag ganun. Pero ok lang, I still find this mineral bottle expensive. Konting adjustment pa with the SGD prices :)

Speaking of hoarding, have you heard of extreme couponing? yung mag iipon ka ng coupons, mix and match with the right deals and voila! you don't have to pay a thing or pay a fraction of the total of your groceries! When we were still planning to move to NY, this couponing ang balak ko gawin hobby dun.. and then I will ship some of the goodies to Manila ( for our families and baby stuff to St. Rita Orphanage) and then I also played with the idea of selling some of them in Manila with dirt cheap prices! Given na almost free ko nakuha haha! I'll just charge the balkibayan box fee hihi :)

Here are some pics that the Extreme Couponer from Rochester posted and she got them all for free! :)

Kaya lang hindi kami natuloy dun, andito kami sa SG and walang ganun extreme couponing dito haha :) But, may IKEA dito! yehey! i know my old readers knew my fascination with Ikea :) Last year, when I flew home for my friend's wedding.. a colleague asked if i can buy her some ikea stuff from here and said I can charge her with handling fee. A couple of days before I left, I posted at a forum that I can buy them Ikea stuff and started with the popular tolsby frames. Within 24 hours, I received 200 orders na! Whoa! and I realized I can do a buy & sell business :) ;) I'm proud to say I'm one of the lowest priced seller of Ikea Stuff in Manila :) and I sell the cheapest Ikea tolsby frames for 2 for 150.00php :)

My Dear Readers, please follow my IG account & facebook: Pandahoarder for your favorite Ikea, Typo, Cath Kidston Items and Candilicious goodies! :) If you have specific request, please let me know and I will provide you with the the best price! :) Thank you! and Please support my new role, Mrs.Panda as the Expatreneur :)


  1. Wishing you the best, Mrs Expatreneur :) I also do not own a filter here in my mini flat. What I do to save a bit of money from buying mineral water is to do the plain boiling method, buhay pa naman ako hanggang ngayon hehehe :)

  2. Mrs.Panda can you help me on how to order the IKEA Pruta Green Containers and how to pay for them , please