Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sale at my Happy Places!

Dear Readers, lately I'm so depressed.... alam niyo yung feeling na yung taong tinuring mo parang anak and you took the bullet ,more than your fingers can count,for them..... wala pala value lahat yun for them.... na ikaw pa masama and hndi understanding... :( basta ganun..... more than a month na 'to... and I know Mr. Panda is doing his best to comfort me and make things right but the pain just won't go away.... and you'll start to question yourself ano nangyari..saan ako nagkamali... did i love them too much? did i pampered them too much? haiii.... Lord, please take the pain away....

It's Monday and let start with something positive, Mothercare Harbourfront Branch and Cotton On Kids were on sale last week.... I went there to look for stuff for my IG store: Pandahoarder and for my godchildren. Baby Stores means happiness for me! those tiny shoes and clothes makes me heart really happy even for a moment.

Here's my Loot everything is priced 5 sgd and below :)

How about you guys? what are your happy places loot? :)


  1. Ang cute ng mga items! Happy place ko is Divisoria! He He He


  2. Awww, I hope you feel better now, sis! I love your choices. The items don't look cheap to me, but I'm sure they're pretty affordable. :)

    As for your comment in my blog, what email address should I send the info to? The owner of the place don't want his info posted in public kase. The place is in Cebu.

  3. aww, i hope you'd feel better soon sis. Sometimes things like that happens to us. The items certainly doesn't look cheap! They're cutie!

    Leah @ Curiousweekends