Friday, October 28, 2016

super late post: Christmas @ Makasuntra

This post is super overdue! i just want to post this for my "online diary purpose" :)

Last Christmas, my parents and our family not-so-little baby boy (he just turned 7!) flew to Sg to celebrate the holidays with us. We went to MBS for the Christmas displays and to Makasuntra for dinner :) As always, jampacked! Full of tourists pa din! And ang daming Pinoy haha!

I can't recall the exact names anymore of our orders haha! Sorry!

Of course,we had the famous chili crabs! But for me, mas masarap p din ang Crabs sa Eng Hoon! Will try to post about it hehe!

Tip: If you plan to dine at Makasuntra, bring lots of tissues. Sometimes, you need to clean the table and chairs. And bring lots of patience too! Minsan, matagal talaga ang mag intay ng seats haha!

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