Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pork Adobo

I came from a family of good cooks, my maternal grandmother whom we called "Mama" can make a simple porkchop to an Aubergine steak rip off. Yes, she is that good. Her two elder daughters, my dearest aunties got her magic streak of cooking :) Yeah..except my mom haha. (sabi kasi ni mom, she don't need to cook before bec her sisters and mom are really good cooks naman) Mama used to live with us and my brother and i were happy recipients of her cooking. When she moved to the province, my papa will bring home food from the resto. Then my mom started cooking na din, and buhay pa naman kami ng kuya ko hahahahaha :) pero after 10 years, ok na cooking ni mom :)

When I was in gradeschool, my baking teacher will go to our house every saturday and we will bake cookies/cakes/pies/pizza/pasta. Papa supported my baking hobby and bought me the nicest mixers and pyrex goodies. Things got busy when I went to highschool, and my saturday baking is gone.
So, while I can save my life with baking. Cooking is an alien planet for me! I can cook a good chicken curry but Mr.Panda hates anything with curry. And since he works from home, and he loves to cook too! he is the resident cook (much to my happiness) :)   But I want my future kids to like my cooking too, ayoko yung pag ako ang magluluto tumtakbo sila sa phone to order food delivery haha :)

I researched for an easy recipe of my all time favorite Adobo and would like to share it with you guys!

1.Marinade 2 lbs of pork,1 cup of soy sauce and 2 tbsp of crushed garlic for 30mins - 1 hour

2. Cook for a couple of minutes with medium fire then add 1 cup of water, 5 pc dried bay leaves ad 1 tbsp whole pepper corn. Simmer for 40mins to 1 hour.
3. Put in the 4 tbsp vinergar and simmer for 12-15 mins.
4. Add salt to taste :)

Our home-cooked adobo :)



  1. I admit I don't know how to cook adobo either! The closest I got was porkchop-turned-pork-steak and that was a (delicious) cooking accident ages ago. Lol. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. cooking is like experimenting, add water,add a dash of salt haha :) goodluck with your cooking too! :)

  2. Hi, nice that you can cooked adobo but to add more 'body' to your adobo. You can have an option to add potatoes, eggs (chicken or quail eggs) and you can also make it garlic-ky flavor. A twist and experimenting is not bad at all. Try visiting panlasangpinoy in youtube and you will learn alot from that guy.

    Happy cooking! :)

    1. Thank you for the tips! :) i will bookmark the site of panlasangpinoy :)