Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What game did you play during your wedding reception? :)

Its been 4 month since our wedding and it felt like a year na, ang dami na kasi nangyari for the past four months :) a friend texted me today asking for the couples game we did last december and I'm more than happy to share it with him again. Its our famous shoe game :) which made even our elderly guests laughing and giggling :)

"The Shoe Game"

Remove both of your shoes, then trade a shoe with your partner so that you’re holding one of each. The MC, ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relationship (i.e.. “Who will be doing most of the cooking?” "Who said 'I love you' first?"). After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question :)

Here are some of the questions that I still have at my wedding files :)

Who is going to control the checkbook?
Who controls the remote?
Who is the better cook?
Who is more romantic?
Who is more spontaneous?
Who has the better fashion sense?
Who does the packing for vacations?
Who is the messiest around the house?
Who spends the most time in front of the mirror?
Who takes the longest to get ready to go out?
Who steals the covers?
Who said I love you first?
Who is more likely to end up in jail?
Who will be the first to sleep on the couch?
Who is the better kisser?
Now that you’re married, who will be the first to say not tonight?
Who is the better cook?
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Who spends more money?
Who has gotten the most speeding tickets?
Who is the better driver?
Who was the cutest baby?
Who is most likely to have dessert for breakfast?
When you were dating, who made the first move?
Who is most likely to wear lingerie?
Who is older?
Who has more siblings?
When you first met, who made the first move?
Who is the better driver?
Who has been in more car accidents?
Who studied the hardest in school?
Who got better grades in school?
Who is smarter?
Who is more creative?
Who is better at keeping surprises?
Who will be doing the cooking?
Who is more adventurous?
Who is more likely to get injured?
Who is more likely to get sunburned?
Who is more likely to be running late?
Who is going to pay the bills?
Who will be in control of the remote?
Who will be most likely to wake up grumpy?
Who is more likely to get lost?
Who is more likely to ask for directions?
Who is messier?
Okay last and most important,
Who do you love most in the whole world?

Mr. Panda's college bestfriend and his girlfriend for 2 years won the game! they won the game over other our couple friends who are together/married for more than 10 years!!! :)

We can probably do this game again for get togethers :)

Happy Terrific Thursday Everyone! :)

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