Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Perfect Office

I was googling for office interiors because I'm thinking of fixing my office table, add an artwork, change my pen holders, place some new file folders.... when I saw these..

I felt a familiar ache...... this looks like my old office... my 2nd home for more than 2 years...
I know every inch of that office because i used to spend 80% of my time for 5 days a week (minsan pa nga 6 days a week) to be honest, i miss my old office sometimes. I miss the comfort it provided me. I have 2 cabinets full of supplies that my officemates used to teased me "ako daw si office warehouse" I have my own mini pantry 3 steps away from me with  a refrigerator (same size at our own house) stocked with bottled water, softdrinks and canned fruit juices. A microwave exclusive for my boss and me. A cabinet filled with swissmiss, oreos, chip ahoys, ritz and a complete set of hotel line. I love the placemats and napkins customized by a high end department store. I miss the confort of the "one call" one call lang andyan na si Mr.Engineer running to fix a loosen screw for my chair or for the almost-invisible scratch at the wall of my former boss' office. One call lang and the head of security is running to bring a certain document na pwede naman staff lang nya ang magdala. One call lang, and a camry or a ford is already waiting for me at the lobby to bring me to my errands or meetings. One call lang and within 20 minutes there's a buffet spread ready for 20 pax that can rival a bizu set-up.

I know that one call is bec of my former boss position , but I never took advantage of that luxury and comfort. I was extra nice and kind because I know the minute they saw my number at their caller ID, kulang na lang maitapon nila ang phone nila sa nerbyos (yes,true story)

It may sound a perfect office for others, a very pampered executive assistant.

But a perfect office for me is when I can go home at 6pm and go to work the following morning without palpitations.

:) :) :)

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