Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wanted: New Home for the Pandas

The Panda couple are soon to be homeless pandas..... torn kami saan kami titira after our contract sa condo. :(    our lease contract will expire at the early fourth quarter of the year, we got our condo 2 months before our wedding kasi. The condo - living is our first experiment as a married couple. If ok ba tumira sa condo or not. Ganito kasi yun mga sisses, meron impending move to abroad for work si Mr.Panda and sympre bitbit nya ako (parang keychain lang haha) but that move is still under negotiation and we're not sure if it will be the end of the year or next year pa.

***if we move out of the condo by the end of the contract**
a. we have to look for another place to stay, and usually one year na naman ung cotract sayang naman yung other months na babayaran namin if bigla kami umalis
b. I don't want to rent a condo na naman, sayang yung binabayad namin. pag rent to own naman, i computed it. pero ang taas ng difference.
c. I'm toying with the  idea of renting an apartment or townhouse I saw some pics of Leah 's place and i love how cozy and shabby chic it looks! :) but then again, 1 yr contract na naman yun. and the wala naman malapit apartment or townhouse sa workplace ko.
d. I'm thinking of renting a house too parang kay MommyFleur , where i can display all the abubots i bought na hindi kasya sa condo namin ngayon! where Mr.Panda can have his own home office and I can have my walk in closet again! but then again.. same reasons ko sa letter C.... :(
e. Move back to my parents house, i'm sure may folks would love to have us home lalo na if tuloy nga pagalis namin more bonding time before we leave. But Mr.Panda is thinking baka maspoiled lang daw ako dun and lalo ako mahirapan mag adjust when we move abroad.

***if we don't move out of the condo***
a. talk to our agent to negotiate for us and extend a few more months
b. talk to the owner and negotiate if we can rent to own the condo with good terms and prices. BUT, as much as gustong gusto namin our current bldg and community, the 1 bedroom loft is ok for us sa "ngayon" if we buy it, hindi rin kami kakasya dun pag balik namin sa Pinas (given na we have kids na). we're actually looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom unit sa bldg namin ngayon for future investment.

Decisions, decisions :)

Advices please? :)


  1. a. talk to our agent to negotiate for us and extend a few more months

    For me, this is your safest bet, especially since indefinite pa yung pag-alis nyo. Kapag natuloy na yun and you've saved up enough for a home here in the Philippines,I'm sure mas marami at maganda magiging options nyo. :)

    1. Thanks Blackshirt13 :) thats our first choice right now bec our condo is very convenient for us. we're in the middle of everything and i used to work 2 blocks away so at home na talaga ako sa area. :)

  2. hi, I always have the same problem when we go back here in Manila for vacation. Actually, you can negotiate with the condo owner or ask the broker about your current situation. I bet they will be accommodating since you are a good tenant to them. If not, find a broker/owner who are ok with short term lease. We are currently staying in a short term lease rental. We are renting the condo for 3-months then month to month after that since we really don't know for how long we plan to stay longer. Yun lang, so hope my suggestion help :)

    1. thank you! mahirap din kasi maglipat and mag ayos ulit! and im really happy right now with our current condo (except for the paminsan-minsan lack of space) :) :)