Friday, August 29, 2014

May 2015 part 01

How are you?! Were you stuck in traffic too? Payday friday! I saw the news earlier nad super traffic kahit late night na :(  ano ba nangyayari sa traffic issues natin? Kalokers.

We had dinner at Chili's earlier, and pang 7 kami kahit 8pm na. Dati pag past 7:30 pm konti na lang ang waiting and marami ng halfway patapos sa dinner. Left ATC at 10:30pm and puno pa din ang parking. Thirdy fell asleep while on our way home and luckily tulog pa din siya! nagtuloy-tuloy ang sleep niya! Yehey! LOL :) I love Thirdy but sometimes he drives me crazy! Unlimited energy of a 4 years old boy.
Now, he is sleeping like an angel on his own bed (sofabed) at a corner of our room which he claims his "bedroom"  and I can continue with my research for the surprise 40th wedding anniversary of my parents :)

Vintage Typewriter Love | Engaged & Inspired

I was looking for inspirations for save the date cards when I saw this vintage typewriter invite at pinterest :) Pwede! my parents sent cards a lot to each other! even until now :)

The link doesn't take you anywhere, but I was thinking about doing something like this. Maybe in the extra yellow?

Thank you card on top of the table napkin :)

s'more buffet, unique wedding idea, wedding favors,

a s'mores bar is also a nice idea!

canopy lights :) for some reasons i like it! 

will work well with the cards theme idea! :)

Diy wine favors ideas from wine labels to lollipops and truffles to cork key chains

made with love favors :)

something for the wedding guests...

envelope wall? :) for the guests messages

geranium centerpiece

chic and laidback :)

personalized chalkboard poster

great idea for the welcome sign! :)

silver champagne stirrers

champagne bar :)

silver wedding shoots

adorbs!!!!! :)

Paper lanterns as light-up centerpieces--inexpensive idea. Beautiful!

lanterns as centerpieces :)

We're still not decided with the theme! i need a theme for the moodboard! i'm hoping to finish all the planning and booking this year :) wish me luck!

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  1. nice pegs... 40 years, indeed a milestone at this time and age, really worth celebrating... mason jars turned into vases as centerpiece with those tealight lamps <3 <3 <3