Saturday, August 30, 2014

C2 Classic Cuisine

Whenever we go to our "unusual malls" (malls na minsan lang talaga puntahan like once a year) we also try to check stores and restos na dun lang meron or wala sa usual malls namin. Robinsons Place Ermita is not our usual mall but its my college mall! I used to go there during lunch breaks because literal na tatawid lang ako :) But Rob Place is so different now, I can hardly recognize it. Good thing, andun pa din ang Rustans outlet store which I really love.

We picked C2 Classic Cuisine because there are no nearby branches to our home. I love the warm modern interiors and the ceiling.

Sago’t Gulaman
Tapioca pearls and jelly cubes with brown syrup on crushed ice.

Kanto Food Plate! 
- this is probably the most expensive kanto food I tried lol :)

Crispy Patac2 classic certified
Golden, pork hock served with pickled relish and soy-vinegar sauce.

Peso Power:

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Reviews:
- how can you go wrong with crispy pata? this is really yummy! nut ang laki lang ng buto
- the kanto food is yummy too but i still prefer the sweet spicy sauce of the real kanto food sellers :)
- servers are atttentive and nice :)

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