Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crazy about Bento!

Have you heard of bento boxes? Those cutesy packed meals that will make any irritable children to eat happily! I saw a facebook page selling bento boxes - "Oh Bento" by chance and I'm hooked! Well, not yet hooked on making but hooked on preparing for my bento adventure! I joined a Facebook Group called BentoPh and I started buying my stuff :) ang galing ng mga inbentors from BentoPh! :) for a newbie like me they're like a bentocyclopedia :) 

I read at one of the posts and some of the inbentors blogs that you can buy at japan home, daiso and saizen for your starter kit :) and since daiso lover ako! here's my starter loot :)

Silicon cupcake bases that will serve as containers :) From Japan Home/Uncle Ben's

Rice shapers! hello kitty! from Japan Home 


Silicone pot where you can place food with sauces that you need to separate from the rice :) from saizen P88.00

Food Picks from saizen P88.00

Panda Fork.spoon and chopstick from saizen P88.00

Cookie Cutter from saizen P88.00

Cookie Cutter from saizen P88.00

Puncher from saizen P88.00

Cookie Cutter/shaper from saizen P88.00

bread shaper? from saizen P88.00

Pretty paper oblong cups from saizen P88.00

2 layer Bento Lunchboxes with fork from Saizen P88.00

2 layer Bento Lunchboxes with fork from Saizen P88.00

Small containers from Saizen for P88.00

Cookie Cutter from Saizen for P88.00

Egg molder from Saizen P88.00

Teeny weent Sauce Bottle from Saizen for P88.00

I was able to bought from other stores too! :)

Cookie and Biscuit cutter from Gourdos for P120.00

Foodpicks from Koichi for P96.00

I hope my post will also help my fellow bento lovers too! :) :)  can't wait to start my bento adventure :)


  1. You got a nice loot, sis. I love the food picks. Nakakaloka nga talaga mag-bento shopping. Hehe.

  2. sis, san saizen at japan home store k bumili ng bento tools mo? thanks!